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Quality of graphics used by these 3 brands for their advertising

Graphic designing is an essential component of advertising the brands. That is the sole way how your brand is identified among the audience. Designing of the logo is undertaken by the graphics designing. All you need to do is take up a good graphics designing course from a reputed institute. There are so many domestic and international brands across the globe that use their graphical strength and promote themselves through advertising film. Almost all the brands try to promote themselves with eye catching graphical designs. Here are 3 brands that are successfully using high quality graphics for their advertising film.


Volkswagen claims that all people and all things have a story to tell, and you see this evidenced in each of their Facebook posts. Each image is designed to further the culture and experience around the Volkswagen brand. The graphic designers at Volkswagen have inculcated a lot of effort in making the message strong enough through their graphics.


Starbucks has a presence on multiple social media platforms, each one successfully expressing what the brand is all about. Their use of visual marketing is bursting with personality and originality, and although Starbucks often uses posts to advertise products, it’s done in a creative and subtle way.


Nike understands marketing on Instagram as well as the mentality of their target audience, and they use this knowledge to effectively showcase their brand. The brand loves to post inspirational hashtags and photos showing everyday moments related to sports. The focus is on speaking to everyone who has a dream and encouraging them to”Just do it!”

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