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5 Reasons to choose Moople Institute for Animation Training

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An investment in your education is an investment you make for a brighter and better future. There should be no room for any doubts and compromises when it comes to that. Therefore, you must be sure about the institute you choose for your education.

Moople Institute of Animation and Design is one of the leading animation institutes where you can learn animation and build a solid career. It is among one the best animation institutes in Kolkata.

Let us look at 5 solid reasons why admission to Moople’s animation course may benefit your career.

100% Placement Assistance

Moople Institute of Animation and Design offers 100% placement assistance to all students by the end of their training period. In fact, students also get an opportunity to appear for placements at Moople’s in-house production studio, i.e. Hi-Tech Animation. This enables them to work for a leading studio that handles numerous international and national-grade projects.

Good placements have been a remarkable legacy of Moople Institute. Students get an opportunity to work in the best studios across the country. Red Chillies, BYJUs, Zee Bangla, SITI Network, DQ and others are some of the top recruiters of Moople Institute.

Degrees Affiliated with MAKAUT (WBUT)

The market for education is quite saturated. This means that there are tons of institutes nowadays which are offering animation related certification courses. However, Moople stands out from the rest in more ways than one. Moople offers a 3 year degree in animation which is affiliated with MAKAUT (WBUT). Moople has been the preferred and among best animation training institutes in Kolkata for this reason.

Being affiliated with such a prestigious institution makes the degree far more valuable than any other kind of typical course which one might pursue.

It increases your credentials and gives you job preference in studios than students who don’t have this degree.

Live Industry and Studio Exposure

Hands-on practical experience is necessary to become a talented professional. At Moople, students receive live studio exposure. Moople’s inhouse studio helps you to learn how working in a studio actuallyis while you are enrolled in a course. This is an excellent way to forge your career in the right direction. Animation training institutes like Moople gives high priority to teach students the mechanisms of industry work.

Experienced Faculty

Another great perk of learning at Moople Animation Academy in Kolkata includes the opportunity to be taught by professionals who have actual experience of working in studios and film projects. These professionals bring on-set experience which will help you become more crafted in your skillset.

Industry-oriented course

The curriculum of all courses isbased on industry standards and work culture. Rote learning is of no use in 2023. You need to learn skills which will be beneficial in terms of working in studios. That is exactly how the syllabus and learning structure at Moople Institute is curated. You can take a look at the modules on Moople’s website. For better understanding of the syllabus and contents of your learning graph; we will suggest youto talkwith our education counselor. They will guide you. They will help you to understand what are the different things which shall be the outcome of choosing a degree course at Moople.

We wish you good luck for your future career endeavors.

All the best!