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Complete 3D Animation Courses With Placement in 2023

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In today’s fast-paced and digitally-driven world, the field of 3D animation continues to expand and evolve. From captivating movies and immersive video games to engaging advertisements and virtual reality experiences, the demand for skilled 3D animators is skyrocketing. If you have a passion for bringing characters and stories to life through cutting-edge technology, look no further than Moople Institute of Animation and Design in Kolkata. As a leading animation institute, Moople offers comprehensive 3D animation courses with a guarantee of 100% placement assistance, ensuring that you embark on a rewarding career in the dynamic world of animation.

Unveiling the Moople Advantage:

Moople Institute of Animation and Design stands out as a premier institution that prioritizes excellence in education, industry relevance, and professional growth. With a strong focus on providing practical training and live studio exposure, Moople equips its students with the skills, knowledge, and hands-on experience necessary to thrive in the competitive animation industry.

Comprehensive 3D Animation Courses:

Moople offers a range of comprehensive 3D animation courses designed to cater to the diverse needs and aspirations of aspiring animators. Whether you are a beginner taking your first steps into the world of animation or a seasoned professional looking to enhance your skill set, Moople has the perfect course for you. The curriculum covers a wide spectrum of topics, including:

  • Fundamentals of Animation: Lay a strong foundation by learning the principles of animation, character design, storyboarding, and the art of bringing inanimate objects to life.
  • 3D Modeling and Texturing: Master the techniques of creating 3D models, characters, and environments using industry-standard software. Dive into the world of texturing to add depth, detail, and realism to your creations.
  • Rigging and Animation: Explore the intricacies of rigging, which involves creating a skeleton structure for characters and objects, enabling them to move realistically. Develop expertise in keyframe animation, motion capture, and character performance.
  • Visual Effects and Dynamics: Discover the art of adding visual effects, particles, and dynamic simulations to your animations. Learn to create stunning explosions, fluid simulations, and realistic physics-based interactions.
  • Lighting and Rendering: Understand the importance of lighting in setting the mood and atmosphere of a scene. Explore advanced rendering techniques to achieve lifelike images and animations.

100% Placement Assistance:

At Moople Animation Academy, your success is their top priority. With their unwavering commitment to student placement, they provide comprehensive support to help you kickstart your animation career. The institute has established strong ties with leading animation studios, production houses, and game development companies, both nationally and internationally. Through their extensive industry network, Moople ensures that students get the opportunity to showcase their skills and secure rewarding job placements.

Live Studio Exposure:

One of the standout features of Moople’s 3D animation courses is the live studio exposure offered to students. This invaluable experience allows aspiring animators to work on real-world projects under the guidance of industry professionals. By immersing themselves in a professional studio environment, students gain practical insights, refine their skills, and build a portfolio that demonstrates their capabilities to potential employers.


If you dream of a career in 3D animation, Moople Institute of Animation and Design is your gateway to success. With their comprehensive 3D animation courses, industry-relevant curriculum, and 100% placement assistance, Moople empowers aspiring animators to turn their passion into a fulfilling profession. Take the leap into the exciting world of animation and unlock a realm of creative possibilities with Moople. Visit their website at to explore their courses and embark on an enriching journey towards a rewarding animation career.