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How Many Years Is To Complete Animation And VFX Courses

Many students excel in higher education and enrol in animation and VFX courses. Although multiple learning modes of getting certifications are available nowadays, these training programs take less time than a full-time program. In addition, these animation and vfx courses offer live experiences through workshops and internships to move on to professional ventures.

Further, the time required for a student to complete an animation and VFX course depends on the chosen program and the specialisation level to convert them into computer design professionals. Learners must research various institutions and programs available in their area or online to find the one that best suits their goals and aspirations.

The duration of programs resonates with the expertise level

The duration of animation and VFX courses depends on the mode of study, i.e., online, full-time, or part-time. Students can select from different levels of learning, from basic to advanced. Several institutions offer accelerated programs with compact curricula, minimising the timeframe. Others include internships or industry training, extending the learning duration.

Individuals trying to get a basic introduction to VFX and animation can opt for short-term courses taking some weeks to six months. They can learn about the fundamental concepts and practical methods in a contracted format. Therefore, these courses are beneficial for verbal knowledge about the upcoming trends and traditions of the design field.

Next comes the VFX and animation diploma or certificate courses. Students can complete them in one to two years. In these programs, trainers give comprehensive training in VFX, covering several topics concerning 2D and 3D animation techniques, special effects, visual effects, 2D and 3D modelling, image texturing, light effects, and compositing. In addition, students can work on hands-on projects and gain practical training in technical skills and artistic abilities.

Furthermore, young artists can complete bachelor’s degrees in VFX and animation courses, having a three to four years duration. Herein, they get in-depth knowledge of the design concepts, principles, equipment, and digital tools to manipulate live scenes and pictures to create mesmerising visual content.

These extended programs offer theoretical knowledge with practical training. Multiple design skills, from advanced animation techniques to character formation, storyboard creation, visual effects, and composition, are a part of these learning programs. Moreover, they get chronological information about the field, from manual substitution to digital alternatives and production pipelines.

Advanced training in VFX and animation

To advance their knowledge, creative artists can complete a master’s program adding two more years to their learning period. These programs offer specialisation in a particular field and skill upgradation to a professional level. In these specialised training courses, students research and create thesis projects. In addition, they go through advanced models and techniques to get higher knowledge about the theories. Several character animations, visual effects simulation, motion capture techniques, or computer-generated imagery are enlisted in the topics under master courses. Thus, master’s or post-graduation training helps individual artists turn to experts in their fonds.

Several institutions and their best VFX courses are readily available to guide young designers about manipulative techniques and computer graphics. But it depends on the learners how far they want to go for skill progression.

Computer tactics learning from tech-savvy trainers

Moople Institute guides students through the best VFX courses and trains them to stand equally with top VFX artists on the world stage. Our dedicated computer labs have high-performance digital tools and workstations supplemented by the industry’s best designing software. Therefore, students can practice and work on several projects using these advanced tools.

Our trending courses with short and long durational programs are here as a guide for students who want to step into the flourishing entertainment industry.

  • 3D Design & Animation
  • B.Sc in VFX Filmmaking
  • Visual Effects for Film
  • B.Sc. in Multimedia, Animation & Graphic Design
  • Web Designing Pro
  • Short-term specialisation courses
  • Graphics & Media Design

These and many more training programs welcome several students every year. Exceptional teachers train the students with enthusiasm and endeavour. Their concurrent training methods and top-class infrastructure make a unique impression on the students, so they remember the concepts forever. Further, students immerse in the learning program under experienced teachers and devise rare and exclusive designs.

Thus, they learn to make something of their style. This way, our institution pushes them towards their individuality and conception of ideas through experimentation and verification. Students work on individual and group projects to attain practical knowledge and detailed programming skills. Additionally, they can meet the top design experts and take inspiration from their hard work and achievements.


Moople Institute helps youngsters to discover their own design styles with professional training programs and advanced computer equipment. Thus, they can combat the rising competition to prepare their place in the entertainment platforms. Our students take the brightest position in leading companies for branding, advertising, publishing, and graphics creation. Why stay behind? Learn creative skills like web design, graphics design, and more from our industry-trained teachers and shine in your career.