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Join The New Avenue Of Filmmaking With The Moople Institute Of Animation And Design 

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If you think animation and cartoons are still the realm of children and playtime, you could not be more wrong! Animation has transcended the cartoon world, and today, it stands as a crucial part of the entire film industry. The production of animated television shows has increased by 4% annually since 2020, and during 2022, the collective box office collections of animated movies alone stood at $21 billion. 

This is a staggering amount and goes to show the sheer potential that this industry has for the long term. Should you be an aspiring student of media and animation studies, now is the best chance to get into the industry while it is still at an early stage. 

However, this is easier said than done! You must get admission to a reputed institute that has the necessary infrastructure to help you get into some of the major animation studios in the world. This is where Moople Institute comes into the picture. 

We are an institute of excellence, working exclusively in the field of animation and VFX education. We also have our in-house production house, Hi-Tech Animations, which helps our students gain invaluable real-world experience in dealing with live animated characters on the job. Please read through this short article to learn more about our animation courses in Thane and what we offer to you! 

Our Animation Courses at Moople Institute of Animation and Design 

At Moople Institute, we have some of the best courses in animation that students can enroll in and gain valuable knowledge about the practicalities of character building, world design, and so much more. Take a look: 

  • 2D Art and Animation Course 

Our 2D Animation course is a beginner course that splendid artists like yourself can get admitted into. It will help you understand the basics of animation and set design and teach you how you, too, can bring your sketched characters to life using the power of animation. As such, 2D animation may seem outdated, but this is a misconception. There are relevant areas in the media industry that can only operate through 2D animation. This is because it is cost-effective and, often, the best way to get your message through. If you wish to have a stepping stone into the animation industry, this is just the thing for you! 

  • 3D Animation and Design Course 

Our 3D Animation and Design Course is, of course, more advanced than our 2D course. 3D animation, by nature, entails a lot more work and complexity. Moreover, 3D animation is rendered digitally, which makes computer programming and software operations a must-know. Our animation 3D course comprises all the major segments of the animation process, from pre-production and post-production to performance and motion capture storyboarding and character design as well. This helps to give students a comprehensive understanding and salient knowledge about the different aspects of the process. It also helps to inform them as to the difficulties and challenges within each process and aids them in understanding the sector that they would like to take up as a career later on. 

  • B.Sc. in 3D Animation and Film Making 

If you are looking for a proper degree that will add credibility to your portfolio, our B.Sc. course in animation is the right fit for you. We are affiliated with MAKAUT, which makes our certification much more valuable than the certification courses offered by other institutes. Our course curriculum is designed to give you the best understanding of the relevant subjects and a clear conception of the different processes that are undertaken to create a complete animated movie. After passing out, students can expect to get placed at some of the most highly acclaimed animation studios in India and worldwide. 

Choose Moople Institute of Animation and Design For A Successful Career 

Take a look at some of the features and facilities we provide at Moople that attracts students to come to us: 

  • Supreme infrastructure and digital facilities for the best practical-based learning 
  • Learned faculty members with real-world experience in the animation and filmmaking sector 
  • Several certificate and degree courses are available for multiple preferences of students 
  • Comprehensive course curriculum that provides learning about every relevant process and topic needed 
  • Multiple work opportunities in various sectors of the industry, including media, entertainment, marketing, healthcare, real estate and education 
  • Work experience can be gained at our in-house animation production house, Hi-Tech Animations, which has produced several popular TV shows                                                                            
  • Various job profiles are attainable after qualifying from our institute for a successful career ahead 
  • Reasonable fees for animation courses for an affordable education experience 


That was all you need to know about us at Moople Institute of Animation and Design. We hope this article has helped to solve some of the doubts you may have had in mind prior. If you have a skill for sketching and an eye for beauty and aesthetics, a career in the animation industry can be highly enjoyable for you. Not only is there immense scope for expansion, but it is also a creative job with an artistic aspect, making every day at work enjoyable. So, come to Moople and give wings to your dreams!