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Boost your career in Animation

Before signing up for any course the first thing that students worry about is their placement. It is completely justified keeping the fact that your placement decides how you will be spending the rest of your job life.

However, this worry can be simply eliminated if you go for the right career option. A very vehement and lucrative career option will be to look for top 3 animation course in Kolkata. India is the land of art and culture and Kolkata is the cultural capital of this nation. With progress in technology and art techniques the field of animation has expanded beyond anyone s expectation.

Hi-Tech animation has always aimed to transform Kolkata into the hub of animation by producing top quality animators. The career path of animation will take you to immense success and limitless path of improvement. Being a creative job you can always improve and upgrade your position. Apart from these reasons there are multiple other factors why you do not have to worry about a placement after completing an animation course.

Our animation institute in Kolkata is the only animation academy in the nation with its own production studio. Students get the exposure of a production house right at the very beginning of their learning period keeping them ahead of the game than students of other institutes.

In addition to that it is necessary to understand that the field of 3D animation is a burning demand in films and TV, cartoons, advertisement, e-learning, YouTube and so many more aspects of the entertainment industry. The employment needs are increasing as time passes by. There is a huge gap of statistics between the number of animators produced annually and the number of number of animators required.

So, it is about time that you open all the creative corners of your mind and start learning animation for a prosperous career ahead. The best part is our animation institute guarantees you 100% placement assistance and promising you a job in our production studio by absorbing the best of talents.

The most unique feature about our animation institute in Kolkata is that most of the top companies prefer hiring from us rather than other typical institutes because our students are trained with production studio exposure.

Don t think anymore. Want good placement? Sign up for the best animation course in Kolkata at Moople – Institute of Animation and Design away.