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Role of VFX and the VFX Tools Used In Short Filmmaking

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In short films, VFX is used to create more controllable environments. For example, visual effects help filmmakers create visual stunts in dangerous locations.

In addition, VFX also helps makers of short films clear off small and big production mistakes. For instance, hiding cables, wires, and production equipment and blurring out unwanted faces in the shot.

In this blog, you’ll learn everything about the role of VFX and the various VFX tools used in the making of a short film. Moreover, you’ll learn how to use these tools effectively in a VFX school.

VFX tools used in making a short film

The various VFX tools in making a short film are as follows:

  • HitFilm:

In case you’re starting and are not a full-time VFX artist, Hit Film is the VFX software to check out for adding free video effects. You can add professional effects with this free editing tool. It also has a user-friendly interface, stock VFX videos, and a small online tutorial.

The top VFX courses in India teach you how to use this software in their course curriculum. 

  • Adobe After Effects

It is another powerful tool to help you add VFX effects. Moreover, it is a well-known tool with a range of various resources to help you start the VFX process. If you want to learn green screen, entry-level 2D and 3D graphics, and motion capture animation, you must try the Adobe After Effects tool.

You can check the various resources available in the tool online.

  • Artgrid

Artgrid doesn’t count as a VFX program. However, as a beginner, the various footage catalog video overlays can help you get started with creating your first VFX. You can get a clear picture or example from the videos as to how a VFX looks. It has lens flare, film grain, smoke, and several other VFX to help you make an award-winning short film.

  • Nuke

Nuke is an advanced-level software that helps in 3D camera correcting and tracking. These features are highly beneficial in the VFX generation of a short film. Also, it has a node design instead of a layer one. It is a highly used software in the filmmaking community. Moreover, Nuke was used in movies like Avatar and Black Swan.

It has the capability of improving your VFX skills to a considerable extent. However, it is pretty pricy for a beginner. And that’s when the best VFX school comes into the picture and helps you use this tool through their VFX course curriculum.

  • HitFilm Pro

It is an excellent software for 3D image synthesis. In addition, it goes well with 2D and 3D motion picturing 8k video creation, and you get access to 800+ VFX presets. Moreover, this software is a leading tool in the industry for visual effects generation. Both beginners and professionals should learn using this tool. Furthermore, you get complete creative freedom with edge detailing and color correction.

You can learn everything about the uses, benefits, and features of these tools in the best VFX courses in India.

Why should you learn VFX for short filmmaking? 

VFX plays a massive role in developing and enhancing the entire short film in no time. Here are a few reasons why you should learn VFX for short filmmaking:

  • Enhance the storyline 

VFX helps makers of short films in enhancing their story base with more powerful visual effects. It helps your audience get lost in your short film and generate a curiosity to know more.

For example, Inception is a film that heavily uses VFX to explain brutal scenes. Moreover, VFX helps increase the suspense factor of a film. For instance, you can also create double roles in your short film with the help of VFX.

  • Create a new world or mock setups.

VFX also helps short filmmakers create mock environments and locations in the film that look and feel realistic. With VFX, such as composting and motion capture, you can create endless worlds and settings in the post-production phase.


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