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The Best Institute for Animation Courses in Kolkata

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Kolkata has become synonymous as a talent hub for animation in the past couple of years. The media and post production industry in this city is soaring high. There is a great and vivid demand for animators in this city. As a result, the demand for animation classes in Kolkata has also increased.

Kolkata has a large number of animation institutes offering these professional training courses. It is obvious since the demand among students to pursue these courses is so high. However, it is your education we are talking about. Students need to recognize the factors they should be looking out before enrolling into any institute.

In this blog, we will help you to understand the core features which you should be looking out for before enrolling into an animation course.

Degree Course with University Affiliation

First of all, if you are serious about building a career in animation then opt for a degree course instead of a typical certification one. The best animation course in Kolkata will equip you with a B.Sc in Animation and Film Making. Moople Institute of Animation and Design offers a 3-year B.Sc degree course in the same. The degree is affiliated with MAKAUT (WBUT).

A professional degree like this makes your education valuable and legitimate. Your career will get the necessary boost and you would be able to establish yourself in the industry with this recognition. In this competitive market, it is next to impossible for anyone to bag good-paying packages if they do not have a proper degree in hand.

Moople actually offers free counseling. So in case, you want to enquire more about the course, its syllabus and opportunities then contact them. It is completely free of any charge. You will get the necessary professional guidance.

100% Placement Assistance

Placements are a key factor nowadays. What is the point of choosing a course if it doesn’t come with solid placement assistance? You need to be sure that once you complete your degree, you get good assistance with interviews and job calls.

The good thing about Moople is that the degree promises 100% placement assistance to all students. In fact, some of the top studios and companies across India choose to recruit from here. You can take a look at the list of hiring partners on the website.

Hands-on Industry Exposure

We live in the day and age of skills. Your skills and effective problem tackling will take your further not just bookish knowledge. This is the truth of our times. Now with Moople, you get the experience of live studio exposure right in your education days. Let us explain what that means.

Moople is one of the very few institutes in India which has a production studio of its own. Hi-Tech Animation, an esteemed studio, is a part of Moople. They create shows, ads and various other formats of content for some big channels in the industry. As a result, students at Moople get to experience live studio work and they get to imply these skills in their professional careers.

All the best for your future goals ahead!