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Trends in Graphics design Industry

No industry can survive with consistency. Change is the law and change is what keeps the people excited about discovery and innovation. Same is the case with Graphics designing. This industry is a spectacular example of how with time and culture; new changes are being introduced. Graphic designing is the art and skill of creating visual imagery. It is all about pleasing the eye. Designing is the art of introducing a concept via visual medium and making an impact. The software used for this are Adobe Photoshop, Autodesk Maya, Illustrator and etc. Graphics designing course over the time has also been evolving and witnessing new changes.

2018 saw an array of monochrome and contrast colors. This accounted for a huge shift this industry represents. As the year comes to an end, let us take a look at some of the most happening trends that took place this year.

  • Glitch Outlines

This is probably the most innovative and latest trend in designing. Glitches were not a part of pictures earlier. No one ever thought, what was we see as color correction, could one day become a part of designing spree. Glitch outlines are usually given to give more of a retro and aesthetic feel to the image. This is mostly used for commercial purposes. Glitch also helps the outline become more prominent in context of the other images. A lot of clothing brands have also incorporated this idea into their posters and branding. Most of all, it’s used by photo editing and image manipulating purposes. Photoshop had this effect for long but not everyone was using it. This year itself we saw a huge population being crazy for it.

  • Blur and Highlight

Highlight with shimmering tones is not something every design or poster should have. But somehow lately we are seeing this as an increasing trend among designs. People are incorporating blur to make the edges blunt and highlight the parts which they want to show the most. This has become an increasingly common practice among a lot of graphic designing professionals. Recently, graphic design courses in Kolkata were also asking students to implement this method to make their designs more attractive and laminating.

  • The return of White

White is the most significant color if you ask me you never know when it is going to leave everyone’s interest and when will it make a comeback. Something similar has happened this year too. This has become a trend which has captured the graphic design industry by paws. A lot of websites are launching big campaigns and all the effort that goes is taking a bright white backdrop and putting the necessary information with a medium shade of color. They do not take very bright shades of pink or rd and neither the darkest ones. Instead, they take a middle ground to put forward a very comprehensive effect. This makes the message loud and clear. This latest trend is a very good marketing scheme.

  • Moving images in still posters

This trend of graphic design is very restricted to the digital platform. The internet is exploding with GIFs and animated images. What people use for fun in their private chats and social media posts is very good trend. A lot of designers utilize this reach among the audience to make more impressive and interactive designs. Photoshop is evolving every single day.

  • Inclusivity

I saved the best for the last. This is not just a trend but a very positive impact. The graphic design industry is becoming more inclusive and accepting of society. It has surpassed the racial orders and creates more content which is relevant to all the people. Despite of differences, a lot of brands wish to reach customers across all territories and designing trend is highly influenced with that.

As time passes by we will witness more changes and that will lead to the evolution of the industry as a whole.