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What Are The Colors Used To Design A Website For Kids

While designing website for kids you need to design a beautiful, colorful, stimulating website that is captivating, memorable and allows you to let your creative juices flow without the need to worry too much about conventional usability and best practices. Bright colors will easily capture and hold a child’s attention for long periods of time. Although color choice is a primary factor in designing any type of website, this is especially true when designing a website for children since colors make a big impression on children’s young minds. Other than this, kids want to be engaged so create something they will want to interact with. The concept should have a more grown-up feel with the mix of words and images. Interactive games are a good option for this age group in digital and printed projects. Simple type and color are a good idea but palettes can be expanded beyond the minimal style.

Color Theory involves a lot of things, but the main focus is looking at how colors behave with each other in a design. In order to understand the key concepts of web design more appropriately it’s advisable that you take up a good web designing course in Kolkata as there are ample number of them available as well.
Designing websites with kids or families with small children in mind is not so different than any other website in many ways. In fact, it forces you to think about distilling down the web experience to its basics— put the information that your viewers want up front, in a friendly and intuitive manner. Kids are becoming more web savvy every day, but they’re still kids and still respond to things like bright, bold colors, simple and clean design and high degrees of interactivity and feedback.

It is always suggested to use bold, bright colors and lots of images. Most children, usually having a more limited vocabulary than adults, will instantly get turned off by a web site with too much text. This is a good rule of thumb for any website, but when designing for children, it doubly important. The kids aren’t going to read paragraphs of text— they want pictures and colors. Therefore it is important that you keep the website bright and colorful. Kids tend to have a playful mind and colors are the thing that attracts them the most.
If you wish to design a good website for kids then it is advisable that you opt for web designing course in Kolkata.