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What Can You Expect from A BBA in Digital Marketing Program?

Nowadays, students are inclined to BBA in digital marketing colleges after 12th because of the huge demand for this from the career perspective. The cornerstone of each company’s success is effective business administration. The necessity for and application of digital operations is evident given the speed at which marketing procedures across all industries are changing. Because digital marketing has so many advantages over traditional marketing, companies are increasingly more likely to rely on digital platforms to help them expand.

How Effective is BBA in Digital Marketing?

The $68 billion digital marketing industry is growing at 40% annually. One of the top-paying job profiles is that of a digital marketing specialist. The degree helps with the breadth of a successful professional career. After completing your graduation from one of the top BBA in digital marketing colleges after 12th like Moople Institute, you are open to job opportunities in reputed digital marketing agencies, the digital marketing departments of reputed MNCs, IT businesses, data analytics agencies, social media marketing companies, magazines, online news agencies, etc.

The Reasons for Pursuing a BBA in Digital Marketing

Due to the growing importance of digital marketing and the competition from many MNCs and commercial enterprise houses with dedicated digital marketing teams, digital marketing graduates, also known as data-driven marketing, have excellent professional opportunities both in India and overseas.

1. Industry Requires Proficiency in Digital Marketing

Real estate, the hospitality and travel sectors, B2B and B2C companies, retail, consulting, manufacturing, export-import, and several other unique enterprises are among the many in India that are actively seeking to hire experienced digital marketers.

2. Easy Learning

Being a completely non-technical course, training from a digital marketing institute may be easily learned. To pursue any of the digital advertising and marketing courses after your MBA, you must be internet aware.

3. Numerous Career Opportunities in Digital Marketing

There are many different types of digital marketing, including search engine optimisation, social media marketing, copywriting, content creation, online advertising, conversion rate optimisation, and inbound marketing. You can take the fundamentals of each and establish a speciality in one to assist you in showing indications of future growth.

4. Skill-Based Training

Competencies in digital marketing are in high demand. You would have to wait for a highly sought-after internship or graduate placement to become available to obtain experience and build your portfolio in the evaluation of traditional careers like advertising. However, there are several opportunities in the digital advertising and marketing space for you to launch your career before you even walk into a job.

5. Start Your Career as a Freelancer

If you’re tech-savvy and addicted to the internet, learning in a digital marketing institute can help you launch your own business or work as a freelancer by helping websites optimise or by helping you sell products on social media. Additionally, you can start a blog and monetize it with adverts. Additionally, you can launch your website and earn money through affiliate marketing by pushing coupons for websites such as Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Snapdeal, and others.

6. Launch Your Own Agency

One benefit of digital marketing is that it allows you to work independently or launch your own business. By using catchphrases in your search—for example, “hire a computerised showcasing expert” or “independently superior advertiser”—you can discover a range of people offering web-based services from small to large companies worldwide.

7. Digital Marketing Strengthens Your Resume

Skills in digital marketing are highly sought after. You should wait for an internship programme or graduate placement to get experience and build a strong portfolio for traditional careers like marketing, advertising, etc. Many opportunities in digital marketing allow you to launch your own distinctive profession before you get the chance to gain experience in the job.

8. Opportunities to Become a Certified Digital Marketer

Certification in digital marketing adds value to your CV or resume because companies are looking for professionals with DM abilities these days, making virtual advertising and marketing courses among the best suited for the workforce. A certificate indicates initiative and motivation. Furthermore, having a professional certificate from a reputed  BBA in digital marketing colleges after 12th verifies that you have demonstrated your knowledge and abilities, giving you an advantage over people claiming to have them.


Digital Marketing is a highly specialised programme that is undoubtedly intended to impart a practical understanding of online advertising and how it fits into the larger framework of advertising and marketing. Additionally, it is firmly based on the liberal studies paradigm, providing insights into the dynamics of people and organisations. Thus, getting a BBA in Digital Marketing degree is worth the effort.