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5 Things You Don’t Know About A VFX Course

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Find your specialization

You might have heard about a VFX course and how well it helps to understand the concept of adding additional effects over the screen but in later part of your career you will need to find your area of specialization. It could be editing, lighting, layout designing etc. So, while you are doing your VFX course keep in mind to find what you are best at and what interests you the most.

Create a demo reel

This step might sound obvious to some of you that are already familiar with the terms video reel or demo reel, but also keep in mind that you must start working on it right from the beginning of your new course. While you keep learning the modules are sure to inculcate certain amount of your talents into the demo reel. After the completion of your VFX course it is this demo reel that will help you to get a good job.

Teamwork is the key

When you take up any other professional course or even study in college it is essential to compete but the situation is a bit different here in terms of VFX. A VFX artist has to work with several other people who are a part of the movie. This will include the director, editors and almost every single member of the post production team.

Learn to collaborate

This particular feature is somewhat similar to the previous one however it is equally relevant. As a VFX artist you will have collaborate from time to time with other artists. While working on any big project there are several visual effects artists who have to get together in order to get the work done. This is one main reason why you must focus on collaboration whilst undergoing your VFX course.

Lastly, it is easy!

Yes, you read it right. Visual effects is no toughie if you have the practice and dedication to pursue this field. This is a lesser known fact that visual effects courses are actually a simpler career field. You can learn visual effects courses in Kolkata with ample amount of ease and professionalism if you are interested. Just make sure to stay dedicated towards it.