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The Best College for Multimedia Courses in Kolkata

Multimedia courses are the flag bearer of job fetching industries. It is the most lucrative of all the job creating industries out there. Kolkata is the hub for multimedia courses to exist. It is a creative city which has always made profitable business out of creative multimedia talents.

Multimedia courses are gaining immense popularity in this job market. There are so many colleges offering some of the most practical courses. However, you really want to make the best selection when it comes to your education and future.

Moople Institute of Animation and Design is the best multimedia college for learning all kinds of multimedia courses:

  • B.Sc in Animation and Film Making (Affiliated to MAKAUT-WBUT)
  • Visual Effects
  • Graphics and Web Designing

100% Job Placement (Dual Placement)

Upon the successful completion of the courses, students get 100% placement assistance guaranteed. All students get an opportunity to appear for the placements among the best studios in the nation.

Additionally, the best students are given the opportunity to work in Hi-Tech’s very own studio itself. Hence, the best students in the class get placed in the production studio right after the completion of their courses. As for the rest of the students; they are given the opportunity to sit for placements and Hi-Tech ensures that they are properly placed.Industry-based courses

All the courses taught at Hi-Tech are designed keeping in mind the modern-day multimedia and entertainment business. The courses are aligned with the present day industrial curriculum. This ensures quality education for everyone.

So, when students pass out from this institute they are more than prepared to take over the industry and ace their jobs simultaneously.

Affiliated to MAKAUT (WBUT)

The B.Sc in Animation and Film Making course is affiliated to MAKAUT (WBUT). Being affiliated to such a prestigious university, the course holds a lot of value. It is one of the best multimedia courses in Kolkata. The course entails tremendous value. The affiliation gives the course a lot of weight and reputation.

A B.Sc course in 3D Animation is far more valuable than any other institute offering a typical course in the same.

If you are really interested in enrolling for this course then reach out to us and we will be more than happy to assist you.