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Guide to Advance Visual and Special Effects Course

Visual media is omnipresent in today’s world and we cannot escape its impact on our lives. To make the content engrossing and attractive, animation, Special Effects (SFX), and Visual Effects (VFX) are incorporated in it. Although both Special Effects and Visual Effects are high in demand yet it is important to understand that these two are not one and the same.The most prominent difference is that while special effects are achieved on set in a physical setting, video effects or visual effects are manufactured during the process of post-production of a film. The special effects often give a more authentic feel as compared to VFX. Visual effects integrate live footage with Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) to create the desired effect. In order to get involved in this fascinating world, you need to enroll in one of the best Advance Visual & Special Effects courses available.


Advance Special Effects course in Kolkata
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What are Special Effects?

These effects are also known as physical effects which are shot on the set. For instance, creating various phenomenon like a house on fire, smoke from a mountain, or fake rain all fall under this category. Other than the effects achieved by practical means, features such as animatronics, prosthetic make-up, and the building and filming of miniatures. A very useful example of a movie where all these were employed is Star Wars. The character Yoda from this film is animatronic which is also referred to as mechatronic puppets which is a sort of automaton. Earlier to the inception of digital technologies, the only way to add various elements such as water, fire, storm or snowfalls to scenes was by using Special Effects which were ‘practically’ shot on the movie-set.

What are Visual Effects?

The term VFX might stand for both Video Effects and Visual Effects but the earlier phrase was popular earlier whereas the latter is used more often now.Video effects refer to the special effects added specifically to a video and visual effects is an umbrella term to refer to the all kinds of digital enhancement of shots be it adding backgrounds using greenscreens or integrating GGI models and creatures. One of the most notable example of a movie involving these features is the movie series Lord of the Ringswhere the creature Gollum was a successful outcome of blending of real imagery with CGI, and the lavish natural scenery was rendered as stunning thanks to VFX. It is possible to achieve all practical special effects in a digital format although the authenticity would be lacking.

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Advance Visual & Special Effects courses

Moople Institute of Animation and Designis one of the leading animation institutions offering diverse courses on 3D Animation, Graphics and Designing. Their state-of-the-art production facility under the brand name of Hi-Tech Animation offers these job-oriented courses where you get to be trained with experienced faculty. Their Advance Visual & Special Effects course focuses on equipping the candidates with CG Content Creation and Advanced CG FX. This course has a duration of 12 months which create a compact foundation and build unique capabilities in visual and special effects.With the help of lighting and compositing techniques, thecandidates are taught to create visuals and effects which look genuine and naturalistic. During the coursea comprehensive knowledge of tools such as Houdini and Autodesk Maya is imparted. If you want to delve deeper into this, be sure to check out the Advance Special Effects course in Kolkata offered by Moople.