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Hi-Tech Animation Hero: Bonita Dutta

Bonita joined Moople institute of animation and design as a student of 3D animation in 2017. After successfully completing her course in 2018, she has joined Moople institute of animation and design as an intern.

We asked Bonita the Hi-Tech Hero question – how has Hi-Tech Animation been an inspiration in your life?

Life before Hi-Tech Animation –

I have always been into drawing & painting from a very young age. When personnel from Moople(Hi-Tech Animation) visited my house, I decided to check out the campus in person. I really liked the people I spoke too & joined the institute soon after.

Life at Hi-Tech Animation –

I did my course from the Barrackpore branch. There, the entire faculty was very nice. They were always supportive, eager to help & always very easy to approach.  There were 10 students in our batch & every one of us became very good friends.

In addition to learning animation, the academy also gave me the opportunity to hone my leadership skills. While at the institute, I was the given the responsibilities of a council member. I oversaw the operations of the whole branch that comprised of 92 students in total.

Life right now –

I love the pressure! What may be a challenge to others is an opportunity for me. Every day I learn something new on the job. It is one of the most satisfying & fulfilling feelings ever. It is also a huge boost to my self-confidence.