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How To Ace Your Interview At Moople(Hi-Tech Animation)

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Congratulations!!! if you have got the opportunity to appear for an interview with one of the top animation production houses in India. Today, Moople institute of animation and design has evolved into an international brand name with projects and clients that span the globe and hundreds of employees. We attract some of the finest talents in the industry who are eager to work on exciting and interesting projects that challenge their intellect and push their creative and imaginative limits.

At one of the award ceremonies, celebrated Hollywood director, producer, and actor Matt Damon was once asked by an interviewer about his transition from a young aspirant looking for his break in the movies to a powerful mogul who regularly recruited some of the best talents in the industry. When asked what the biggest difference was between the 2 sides of the table, Damon replied that as a young man, one of his biggest anxieties when appearing for an interview was the apprehension that the interviewers were looking for a reason to reject him. It was only after he became successful and started recruiting for his own projects that he realized that a good interviewer is always searching for those traits and qualities in a candidate that would enable him to recruit the interviewee.

This is because a company rarely, if ever, looks to recruit unless it is in genuine need of manpower. In such a situation, organizations typically want to complete the on-boarding process as promptly and as efficiently as possible so that they can get on with the core job of actually running their business.

At Moople institute of animation and design, we genuinely want you to succeed. When you interview with us, we want you to give us your best. This is because when you put your best foot forward, it enables us to see your true potential. We envision our time together and how our combined capabilities can help scale new heights not only in our business but in your career as well.

With that in mind, we asked some of our star employees how they prepared for their interview at Moople(Hi-Tech Animation) and impressed us in no small measure. Here are some of the tips that they shared in order to ace an interview at Moople(Hi-Tech Animation).

Be nice

We couldn’t agree more. Time and again, we have had to excruciatingly turn down candidates with stellar Resumes simply because of the way they conducted themselves in the interview. Domain knowledge & prowess means nothing if you cannot work well with others. If you cannot earn the respect of your colleagues, it will affect the team productivity. If they do not like you, it will inherently hurt the best interests of the company. Attitude is everything.


Remember – you are among friends. Again, we genuinely want you to succeed. On the off-chance that we do not connect with each other, we are sure that you have a very bright future waiting for you in another organization. So, relax & be yourself. We want to see the real you – the production designer who is also a trained dancer, the animation artist who can also sing, the marketing professional who is an ace chess player or the HR applicant whose best friend in the whole wide world is her dog.

Come prepared

While we definitely want you to have fun in the interview, a little preparation never hurt anybody. All our applicants are intimated well in advance and in details about the position & job responsibilities that they will be interviewing for. Look up our website. Check out our Social Media posts. We would love to know what you think of our work.

Bring the right kit

In case you are interviewing for any of the technical roles, make sure that you carry your portfolio with you. We suggest that you carry your laptop, i-pad or tablet with you. We love to meet smart & competent people who have done their homework. Don’t you?

All the very best!