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Career oriented courses offered by Hi-Tech Animation

Multimedia courses are no longer just a hobby. The media industry is the largest business and employment generating sector on this globe. The potential of media courses is increasing at a very fast rate. Moople (Hi-Tech Animation institute) in Kolkata understands this growing potent and delivers the most industry oriented courses in 3D Animation, VFX (visual effects), Graphics and web designing.

Why Hi-Tech?

What good is an animation course if it won’t prepare your rough and tough for the employment journey? Therefore, Moople (Hi-Tech Animation) provides the curriculum in strict industry standards. Our team of experts and professionals have designed a curriculum that has been molded specifically to teach you in a manner which will benefit for the rest of your lives.

The list of courses we offer are:

The faculty teaching at Hi-Tech are professionals who have real life experience of working in the post production of films. Our faculty is strongly determined and committed to teach the students with best possible knowledge.

Moople (Hi-Tech Animation) is the one and only animation institute in this entire nation which has a production studio of its own. Content for regional and national shows are produced in this production house. We are aiming to increase the capacity of this studio five times of what is currently. Click here to see our projects and collaborations with big national and international companies.

This affects the placements that students receive. Large numbers of top companies in the industry prefer to hire from Moople (Hi-Tech Animation) because students here are more capable; obviously resulting from the studio exposure. This would be a golden opportunity that you pass on if you do not sign up in Moople (Hi-Tech Animation) straight away.