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Recruitment assistance at Hi-Tech Animation

Learning at this institute

For over two decades this institute (Moople institute of animation and design) has empowered artists who want to pursue their dreams. The Indian society has embedded the qualities of conventional learning for years. From a very young age we learn and believe that in order to excel it is mandatory to be a part of the orthodox learning pattern. A career in multimedia was always seen as less scope worthy and zero employment prospect.

With growing demand in Animation and Design course that definitely changed. The way these courses perceive now is completely different.  The career opportunities are great in these fields along with increasing job vacancies every single day. The upturning scenario is the result of higher growth of entertainment consumption by people.

You can always rely on the media and entertainment industry for the splurge of these courses.

Why Hi-Tech Animation?

I am assuming the title of this article has made you curious in its own way. You must be wondering that every institute that teaches animation and courses for graphic design offers placement. What is so extraordinary here? Well, to your amusement it definitely is an extraordinary opportunity for all the aspiring students.

Moople institute of animation and design offers 100% placement assistance to all its students after the completion of their course. The procedure goes through a step of placement training so that students are all prepared before facing the company interviews.

They get professional tips and guidance or how to nail this recruitment process after their graphic design training program. Hi-Tech is also the only animation institute in India that has a production studio of its own. That being the reason top companies in the industry chooses to hire from us instead of other academies. We have earned the reputation of producing quality students who get trained with studio exposure.

The studio has more than just one benefit. It is one of the leading studios of the city as well. It has signed agreements and produces content for news channels, cartoon channels, Netflix shows and etc. If you show good performance in class then this studio would place you right after you finish your courses. That is an opportunity no one else would give you. The best students of the class get absorbed by Hi-Tech’s production studio itself.

Who recruit from here?

Knowing the list of your recruiters is very important. We suggest that you visit the testimonials and placement page on the website to get all the detailed information.

The list of companies would make you enroll right away in this institute. Here are a couple of the top ones who have taken students from here:

  • Balaji Telefilms
  • DQ
  • Prime Focus
  • Red Chillies Entertainment
  • Animatzione
  • Lewis Berger
  • Chu Chu TV
  • Edit FX studios
  • Incoda TV
  • Maya Digital Studios
  • SITI Cable
  • TATA and etc.

The list gets updated every now and then. Over the recent past, a ton of new companies get added to the list increasing the potential of students to find a job here.