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B.Sc in Animation degree

Is it Worthwhile to Enroll in a B.Sc in Animation Degree in Kolkata?

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Aside from being an art form, animation has ultimately become one of India’s most profitable sectors. It has evolved into the fundamental strength of the media and entertainment industries. With over 8 million new hires each year across many industries and enterprises, the animation sector has become a spectacle in and of itself.

In this economy, taking a degree of B.Sc in Animation and filmmaking is really advantageous. With such a positive response to animation, we are certain to locate some of the most incredible possibilities for students interested in pursuing a career in animation.

B.Sc in 3D Animation and Filmmaking

Hi-Tech Animation offers a very progressive course of B.Sc in 3D Animation and Filmmaking.

Now we would like to highlight the perk of joining this degree from this premium institute. The trend of pursuing the greatest animation course is more than just a jog. The majority of individuals do it since it promises a plethora of chances and career scope.

  • 100% Placement Assistance Guaranteed

Animators who graduate from reputable colleges such as Hi-Tech Animation have a one hundred percent chance of getting a job. Until and unless they are correctly placed, all students are subjected to calls and interviews. This is a fantastic opportunity for them to succeed. This work placement ensures that you get the most out of your degree.

  • Affiliation to MAKAUT (WBUT)

Another significant advantage of enrolling in an institute is that you will be able to get a degree that is linked with one of the top institutions. Hi-Tech Animation would like to present you with a B.Sc in 3D Animation on behalf of MAKAUT. This will increase the worth of your degree and help you acquire better positions in the firms to which you are applying. Certification courses are not as valuable as university-affiliated degrees.

  • Live Production studio exposure

Students gain hands-on experience in the production studio. Other than Hi-Tech Animation, no other college in Eastern India can provide students the option to work in an in-house studio. This studio employs experienced animators and visual effects artists who collaborate on national and international productions. This teaches pupils about the working world while also providing them with insight.

  • An Atmosphere of Professional learning

This institute also has genuine professional animators on staff to assist students in learning animation. Other institutes with genuine specialists are quite rare. Hi-Tech Animation helps students realize their ideas by making them an actuality.

Final Thoughts

Animation institutions are the pinnacle of animation education.

Choosing an animation college for training in Kolkata is unquestionably a wise investment in your future. If you choose a school that offers a live studio, you will be able to learn in the presence of a live studio experience. That is a fantastic advantage of attending an animation academy. Hi-Tech Animation is the first animation institution in East India with its own studio.

You will not only gain live studio exposure, but you will also get the chance to learn from genuine studio specialists.

You would have seen a live studio in action even before you started working.