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VFX: Shaping The Future of Cinema and Unlocking a World of Exciting Career Opportunities

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VFX or Visual Effects is a very common term used in filmmaking, especially nowadays. Do you remember watching the recent installment of Avatar (2022) and your mind completely blown away by its visuals? 

Yes, that is the magic VFX can create on the screen. Its effects are not only limited to movies but can be seen in video games and even in commercials. Visual effects technology has completely transformed the entertainment industry by creating images and visuals that are not even real. 

In today’s scenario, the VFX industry is aggressively growing and attracting youths to make a flourishing career in it. This is making them seek institutions providing the best VFX courses. It has also intrigued people to know more about the industry and how it functions. 

Firstly, let us understand how big an impact it has on the future of filmmaking, which is leading to more professional opportunities in the said field. 

How Important Is VFX In Today’s Scenario Of Creating Visuals?

VFX has become a dominant part of the filmmaking industry in contemporary times. Even high-budgeted commercials can be seen using them. Over the past years, people’s preferences for watching movies have changed to a great extent. 

They are more inclined towards high-quality visuals in movies, OTT platforms, series, and games. VFX can create scenes that are impossible to shoot and create unreal locations and creatures. With the help of this, it is now possible to witness a utopian world on screen. 

It is no less than magic what a green screen and modern technology can do. The VFX-enabled movies, like Endgame (2019), Interstellar ( 2014), and Captain Marvel( 2019), usually rank higher at the box office. So, it is natural for filmmakers to indulge more in VFX technology. 

Fortunately, it has opened numerous job opportunities in the entertainment business. If you are interested in making a career in the VFX industry, you must enroll in the best vfx course provided by premiere training institutes, such as Moople Institute. It has a dedicated program of BSc in VFX Film Making to help you achieve your aspirations. 

Career in VFX Film Making

After completing a Diploma, Bachelor’s, or Master’s in VFX in filmmaking from the best vfx institute in Kolkata, one can find job opportunities in various entertainment industries. Some of the job roles in the VFX filmmaking sector are-

1) VFX Animator

An animator has the most important role to play in creating VFX. They create frames with the aid of rigs and place them in sequence to form animation. Then, 3D objects are put into animation to make them look real. In some movies, an animator employs motion capture technology to give real animation to characters. 

Besides a degree in VFX technology, one also should be good at drawing and sketching to become a VFX animator. They are also required to know how to use VFX software and programs.

2) Compositor 

Compositors are employed in a majority of post-production and animation fields. They are responsible for processing the end production, making sure that continuity is maintained among the images to give the scenes a finished look. 

The compositors also work to enhance lightening within scenes and, if required, create shadows and remove motion blurs. Mostly music, commentary, and appropriate visual effects are also added in the end by a compositor. One needs to have a degree in visual effects and animation to become a compositor. 

3) Effects Technical Director 

Effects Technical Directors are senior-level supervisors, which one can become later in their career after gaining enough experience. An Effects Technical Director’s work revolves around mentoring and reviewing the project and also addressing the production obstacles. 

An Effects Technical Director must have a background in Computer Science or Computer Animation. It is also essential for them to have a thorough understanding of scripting languages such as C++ and PYTHON. 

4) Software Developer 

Software Developers are the face behind the technology to create visual effects. They work with the assistance of technical directors to improve the digital processes involved in generating VFX. 

A bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or a relevant field can fetch you a job as a software developer. Nevertheless, one can enroll in short-term vfx courses to gain more insight into visual effects. 


The VFX industry is soon to become one of the largest in the media sector. By 2025, they are estimated to grow by $23,854 million. The future surely lies in VFX visuals. Due to this, it has become one of the top preferred careers. 

To make a career in the VFX industry, you must check out the best VFX courses offered by media institutions. There are plenty of career options in the aforesaid sector, allowing you to use your creative mind mingled with technology.