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5 Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts for Faster Editing

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This shortcut is an immensely helpful tool that helps you to create a duplicate layer of the existing one. You will be able to make an exact duplicate of the same layer. You won’t have to open a separate layer, by just using this shortcut you will be able to open a duplicate layer.


By using the “V” key you will be able to move the objects on the screen without even touching the mouse. This tool is very helpful and efficient to fasten your work in terms of editing the image. Graphic designing becomes easy with this particular shortcut.


By clicking “B” key you will be able to access the brush option that will ease and quicken your work. You no longer have to select the brush option from the toolbox.


Lasso tool is the most prominent tool that a graphic designer has to master. By clicking on the “L” key you will be able to access the lasso tool directly. This shortcut saves your time and lets you wrap up with your work quickly.


Using this particular shortcut you can put all the layers in one particular group. Though the layers are always differentiated and are needed to be opened separately to make changes in them. However, by using this shortcut you can group all the layers at once.

Photoshop is an extremely easy application to learn and once you’ve acquired perfection in using this software from a graphic design art institute is moople it is very easy for you to find a bright career opportunity.