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Moople considers placement to be its foremost priority since inception and has a strong team of experienced people fully dedicated for placements. It offers dual placement assistance to all its students. After completion of the courses, the students are either absorbed in their in-house production studio at Hi-Tech Animation (the largest of its kind in Eastern India) or placed in the best companies in the field throughout the country. Moople conducts periodic placement drives with various top-tiered companies through its connections in various industries where the students are placed according to their merit. Being part of the industry and motivated to contribute to its overall growth, we have also placed students from other institutes in reputed companies. Being part of the industry and motivated to contribute in its overall growth, we have also placed students from other institutes in reputed companies.

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B.Sc in animation & film making
B.Sc. in Multimedia, Animation & Graphic Design

3 years BSC degree course awarded by MAKAUT University. The course covers the nuances of graphic designing and end to end life cycle of Animation.

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B.Sc in animation & film making
B.Sc in VFX Filmmaking

Special effects are illusions used in the media, entertainment, gaming and simulator industries to represent the imaginative concepts such as a monster or something real like a tornado.

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3D Design &

Animation is a dynamic medium in which images or objects are manipulated in a digital environment using 3D softwares to make them appear as moving images.

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Visual Effects for Film

Visual effects involve integrating live action and digital effects to create environments which look realistic but would be impossible to create in real time.

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Graphics Design
Graphics & Media Design

Graphic Design is the process of visual communication and Media Design encompasses skill in the creation of motion graphics for media & television.

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B.Sc in animation & film making
Web Designing Pro

Web design is the process of creation and maintenance of websites that are displayed on the internet. Web design incorporates both the aesthetics and the functional performance of websites.

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B.Sc in animation & film making
Short term specialization courses

from Substance Painter to creature animation, modelling and texturing to lighting & rendering, we offer a host of short term courses to help you specialize in your area of interest.

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Animation can explain whatever the mind of man can conceive - Walt Disney

Industry prospect

  • Animation and VFX is the fastest growing industry in India – reported by Dec 2019.
  • The Animation and VFX segment witnessed a strong growth of 18.7% growth in FY19 over FGY18 to reach a size of INR 87.7 billion – Source KPMG in India analysis, 2019.
  • The Indian Animation, VFX and post-production industry is expected to more than double in the next five years growing at a CAGR of 16% between FY19 -FY24 – KPMG in India’s analysis based on primary and secondary research.
  • Animation continues its double digit growth in India. The Indian animation studios have worked with major international producers such as SONY, Disney, BBC, 20th Century Fox, Warner Bros., DreamWorks, Viacom, Turner among other – KPMG in India’s Media and Entertainment Report 2019.
  • Animation no longer limited to just entertainment industry – owing to rising demand of animated content from non-entertainment sectors like education, healthcare, real estate, industrial trainings etc – reported by KPMG in India’s Media and Entertainment Report 2019.
  • The employability of Indian engineers continues to be painfully low with more than 80% engineer’s unemployable for any job in the knowledge economy, reveals Aspiring Minds’ National Employability Report 2019.
  • During the lockdown period, TV, gaming, digital and OTT platforms are seeing consumption growth -