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5 Reasons To Complete Graphic Design Course From Moople Institute

Moople Institute of Animation and Design is one of the leading names for graphic design courses in Kolkata. It has been the go-to institute for numerous students who want to establish a career in graphic design. If you are on the fence about which college you should select for graphic design training then make no mistake, Moople would be the best pick for anyone.

Here are 5 very strong reasons why one should pick Moople Institute for their graphic design training.

100% Placement Assistance and Support

Moople has always given excellent priority to its placement services. They have made sure that the quality and process of placement become smoother for students. They have constantly upgraded themselves too.

All students are given full 100% placement support upon the successful completion of their training. These are high quality placement services where the best companies in the industry recruit from us. In fact, students are prepared with relevant training to crack these interviews too.

Interactive Industry-based Training

The fundamentals of design principles are effectively introduced in Moople’s graphics and media design course. The majority of businesses aim for a more participatory strategy, and employers look for vivacious people who can express themselves through design. With the use of typography, page layout techniques, visual arts, illustration, and interactive media, you will learn to express design thinking methodologies at Moople’s graphics design course in addition to the principles of design theory.

The graphic design course differs from regular graphic design education. It covers both the fundamentals and more complex motion graphic design techniques, enabling one to better interact with film and television audiences.

A 12 Month’s Program for 360 degree learning

Most typical institutes tend to wrap their programs in a few months. We do not believe education should be rushed. We cultivate skilled professionals who are fluent in the appreciation of art and visual language. We have developed training modules in a variety of areas, including news channel idents, corporate identity kits, logo animation, and logo design. We practice with well-known software, including Cinema 4D, Corel Draw, Adobe Photoshop, and Illustrator. In order to gain a deeper understanding of graphic and media design, Moople, with its graphic design courses in Kolkata also encourages students to experiment with real-world projects.

Rare In-House Studio Experience

Moople also offers a rare in-house studio exposure to its students. Only a very handful of multimedia institutes across the country have in-house production wings of their own. In fact, Moople Institute was among the first ones to do that.

While students are learning their classroom modules, they get to experience how live working in a studio would be. This builds their parameters as graphic designers. They are a step ahead of their competition. This is actually one of the primary reasons why many top companies decide to recruit from Moople instead of typical media institutes.

Free Counseling

No matter how much you read about a course, you still need to get counseling about a subject to clarify all your doubts. Moople Institute believes that information about education must be free of cost. Therefore, we offer expert counseling services for free.

The best counselors would help you with understanding the industry, its scope, jobs and even the entire structure of the courses. You can ask all your doubts about the program, fees, admissions, etc.

Feel free to contact us for any further information.

All the best!