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Top Animation Institute That Takes Responsibility for Placement After Completion of Course

Being in the digital age there are not many reasons for you suffer to get an animation course. We all know that institutes these days only want to shrug off their shoulder with their course and not pay any kind of attention to the placement. Even if some institutes offer you placements either they are not good enough or lack any kind of wage issue.

What if we tell you that we have an animation institute that will provide you with top class training and excellent placement by the end of it too? Turns out that Hi-Tech Animation has all the features that you have been seeking from an institute. Being the only animation institute with a production studio of its own, our institute ensures the best education and training for all its students. When it comes to animation and VFX courses Hi-Tech Animation is the hub of success for anyone.

We make sure that all our students get 100% placement assistance after the completion of their course. Hi-Tech Animation, since the very beginning, has dedicated foremost priority to placements. We also keep providing the students with interview calls and appointments until and unless they are properly placed.

Our institute moves forward with a positive vision. We do not aspire for monetary success but success in terms of the progress of animation and its impact on the people. The best students are absorbed by the in-house production studio and given a job straight away.

Because we are the only animation institute in the entire country to have a studio of its own the best media houses and companies choose to hire from our institute. No other institute will be providing such a professional environment like that of Moople institute of animation and design. Students get to use production studio tools and software whilst learning sharpening their skills even better.

To join this animation training course in Kolkata contact Moople and ensure 100% placement assistance for you. As the potent and prospect of animation increases, we gear up to make it a success for you.