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Career In VFX: VFX Jobs in Kolkata

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Technology has evolved so much in recent years that a ton of animated content is now produced virtually every day. With the abilities of animators and VFX artists, anything is now imaginable in the realm of animation. VFX artists and animators are in increasing demand. The animation and VFX industries are offering full-time employment chances to young seekers. The number of applicants has also grown due to rising demand for the position. When it comes to VFX jobs in Kolkata, the city doesn’t disappoint young creative minds.

Who is a VFX artist?

Artists who utilize computer software to create computer-generated pictures (CGI) that cannot be recorded by a camera are referred to as visual effects (VFX) creators. The majority of movies and television shows today incorporate these digital assets together with live-action scenes. There are dozens of distinct roles that are hired at the studio under this wide category of VFX, which we shall cover in a moment.

The process through which various VFX roles collaborate to create computer-generated visuals and bring all these various elements to life on screen is known as the VFX pipeline. You could play a variety of roles if you choose to become a VFX artist. If you want to become a VFX artist, you can enroll in a VFX animation course at Moople to begin your career in VFX.

Job opportunities after a VFX animation course

Today, VFX jobs in Kolkata are in high demand, encouraging many young students to build their careers in the VFX industry. VFX courses are the getaway to enter the VFX animation world and become a successful VFX artist. There are several job opportunities you can get after the competition of your VFX course. Below, we will list some popular job options you can get after the VFX course –

  • VFX artist

After completing your VFX animation school, the most common and flexible career path is to work as a VFX artist. As a VFX artist, you have the option of working independently or for a VFX agency. A VFX artist’s scope of work is fairly vast, and it includes everything that has to do with the creation of VFX or visual effect animation. Additionally, the salary range for VFX artists is very lucrative.

  • Graphic designer

You can also pursue your graphic design career after your VFX course competition. It is because you learn many skills (mainly technical) like JavaScript, UI design, prototype, Photoshop, z-brush, etc., that are also essential for graphic designing. So, it makes it easy to pursue your career in graphic design if you want to change your career path after your VFX course completion.

  • 2D and 3D modelling

After mastering VFX, you can pursue a career in 2D and 3D modeling. A VFX animation course teaches you a variety of skills, including Microsoft Office, UI design, prototyping, modeling, and other subjects that are essential for 2D and 3D modeling. As a result, after completing a VFX animation school, you can pursue a profession in 2D and 3D modelling.

  • Storyboarding

Storyboarding is another creative career you can pursue after the VFX courses in India. The demand for storyboarders in current times is also high. The knowledge and skills you learn from your VFX course can be a great source to pursue your career in storyboarding.

  • Game designer

You can also become a game designer after your VFX course completion. The job of a game designer is fascinating and creative, and the best part is you can utilise everything you learn from your VFX course when you work as a game designer. Plus, the demand for game designers across the world is high. You can even work with the leading game production companies.

Steps to pursue a career in the VFX industry

VFX designing is a great career option for anyone who likes to work in a creative, challenging and rewarding environment. A VFX course is your getaway to enter the VFX industry. Here are some steps to pursue your career in the VFX industry –

  • Enrol for a VFX course

If you want to pursue your career in VFX designing, you must begin by enrolling on a VFX and animation course. Learning about the basics of VFX animation is essential to enter the industry and work as a VFX designer. At Moople, you can get the best VFX courses in India.

  • Grow your skills

You must grow your skills and practice what you have learned from your VFX course. Continuous practice will help you enhance your skills. It will also help you do your tasks more efficiently.

  • Try internship

You can also opt for a paid/unpaid internship after your course completion. Working in the industry as an intern will help you gather experience as a VFX artist, and you will also be able to observe the industry and current demand closely.

  • Try freelancing or apply for VFX jobs.

You can try freelancing once you have gathered some experience in VFX designing. You can also apply for available VFX jobs if you don’t want to start your own business.


You can acquire a job with one of the big names in one of these multibillion-dollar businesses by selecting a VFX animation course from a reputable animation and VFX training facility like Moople with a concentrated placement unit. Best wishes as you pursue your artistic profession!