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Career Opportunities After Completing A VFX Animation Course

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India’s Visual Effects (VFX) and Animation industry have recently experienced rapid growth, ushering in a new age of prosperity for the Media and Entertainment (M&E) sector. Today, being a VFX artist can be both creatively fulfilling and financially rewarding as the field is teeming with job opportunities— a promising boom scenario indeed. While many hopeful future VFX artists take inspiration from this success and the bright prospects it paints for the industry, students who often aim at finding the best animation course after 12th typically remain unaware of the manifold opportunities that India’s VFX sector holds.

Let’s find out:

Prospective Career Opportunities After a VFX Animation Course

The following summarises some of the significant roles VFX specialists in India can apply for after graduating from the best institute for animation, like Moople.

1. Compositing Artist

Excellent visual effects blend well with the surroundings and don’t take away from the viewing experience. However, one mistake could make the entire experience unsatisfactory for the audience. A compositor’s responsibility is to guarantee that there are no visual disruptions and that the transition from VFX to live action remains smooth.

2. Layout Artist

As the name implies, a layout artist establishes the framework for how the visuals will ultimately appear. They usually participate in the process throughout the pre-production and pre-visualization phases. A layout artist’s job is usually to interpret the storyboard and script and provide templates on how to incorporate them into the visual medium. This encompasses everything from scene building to camera angles and more. Make sure to complete your VFX animation course before applying for this job.

3. Rendering Artist

Major VFX companies and production organisations in India are in high demand for rendering artists when it comes to VFX career possibilities. Rendering artists are in charge of transforming the 3D models into the realistic-looking images we see on television, much like lighting artists do. Rendering artists ensure that a project is translated from an idea to a visual, which is a sensitive and highly technical task. When you pass out from the best institute for animation, you get a better chance of obtaining this position.

4. Lighting Artist

Lighting plays a key role in animated and live-action films, regardless of the movie type. Understanding the behaviour of light is essential for any lighting artist. It is also important to know how light interacts with real-world objects since this knowledge needs to be translated into the visual effects industry. The ability to strike a balance with just enough illumination to make a scene attractive is an important skill for any lighting artist; it can make or break a scene’s impact. This means that when a film progresses from one shot or scene to another, there should be consistency in the lighting used (if it is part of the exact location) so as not to distract viewers from following along with what is happening narratively.

5. Roto Artist

To give compositors a framework within which to work, rotoscoping or roto artists have the challenging but essential chore of tracing all those regions of a frame where computer-generated imagery meets real life. Today, there is a high demand for roto artists, a position that provides a solid foundation in visual effects and frequently serves as a stepping stone for VFX professionals.

6. Matte Painter

Do you know those exquisite, almost enchanted tapestries that appear in only visual effects films? A matte painter contributes significantly to their construction. A matte artist creates realistic VFX scenes that serve as the backdrop for all the action from visual cues, including photos, sketches, and other sources. After taking a VFX animation course at a reputable institute, you can apply for this role.

7. Match Mover Artist

Because they must operate at the intersection of two worlds, matchmovers are usually experts in both 2D and 3D. In this position, you would normally ensure that the computer-generated images blend in with the real-world video accurately and that the movements, proportions, and other details all have a smooth, organic appearance. Tracking movements is an integral part of the responsibilities of a CGI artist working in match moving.


The VFX sector in India is growing, and a career in VFX guarantees many job opportunities. Would you like to work in the dynamic field of visual effects? Please choose the best animation course after 12th to see how they can help you realise your professional goals.