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Experience The Thrill Of Animation And Unleash Your Imagination With Our Courses

Do you often have flights of imagination, and you create entire worlds in your head? Do you want to give life to your imagination and make your dreams come true of becoming an online creator? If so, then welcome to Moople Institute of Animation and Design!

We are the leading name in the field of animation and VFX education training across India. We are slowly working our way towards pan-India coverage and already have over 15 centres of excellence in the country. Our animation and web design courses will help you learn all the fundamental and advanced skills you need to create quality animations and functional digital characters.

Today, we will give you a sneak peek into everything you could hope to achieve with knowledge and training in animation and web design. So, let’s dive into the issue right now!

What Can Animation Help You Achieve?

These are only some of the things, both creatively and career-wise, that you can achieve with an education in animation:

Create Animated Characters

With an education in animation, you can create any number of fictional and story characters that you want. Moreover, with advanced animation platforms and software modules, you can easily do the rigging and impart motion to your characters with a few clicks. If you wish to go a step further, you can venture into 3D animation and add textures, layers and advanced coloring to your character, giving them a more realistic look and feel.

 The most modern animation software modules like Maya Autodesk and Substance Painter, for instance, can help you create character skins and designs that look as good as original humans. Thus, you can make all your creations come to life and quickly start creating animated videos based on them.

Build Movie Worlds and Stories

Once you have your character created, you can choose to create a short movie or a video game with that character. For that, you will have to create secondary characters in the case of a movie. In the case of a game, you will have to create NPCs that will interact with your game character.

Once done, you can chalk out a plot to your movie or game, and create the storyboard where you can map the kinds of movements and actions your character will have to make. Moreover, once you set the backdrop, you can then create the movie world, with all the little details and other world elements, as you see fit.

This is a time-consuming task, though, which is why it is better to start with short films or videos to get the hang of it. Full-scale movies require a lot of processing power, equipment and manpower to create, hence, animation studios are the only ones who make them.

Design World Elements

To make any movie or game world look realistic and immersive, it has to be filled with enough tiny details and world elements. This makes the world feel lived-in, which enhances the visual experience of that video product.

For instance, early video games were primarily empty and revolved around singular goals and character arcs. Players would only be able to move in a fixed direction and would have to kill whatever would appear on the screen.

However, with modern advanced software modules and game engines, creating world elements that enhance the feel and make it genuinely seem open-world has become much more manageable. Thus, modern gamers can now roam around in complete universes that never seem to end and enjoy countless hours of randomly generated tasks and other side missions. All of this is possible due to the magic of animation and design, which you, too, can be a part of.

Enjoy A Successful Career in an Expanding Field

Animation is only on the rise, and you can join in during its early phases before the industry truly booms. With the creation of an increasing amount of social media content, movies, video games and digital videos, animation is only going to be more in demand than ever before.

Moreover, India is a land of opportunity when it comes to animation. Most of the animation work in the world is outsourced to India, which means the industry is slated to expand rapidly in the next ten years. Thus, you can become a part of this journey and join the animation industry right now.

With a career in animation, you are sure to have a prosperous future. Moreover, if you love to create, this is a job profile that offers unlimited creativity and originality. Every project will be unique, and you can showcase your artistic prowess as much as you want.


So, visit Moople Institute of Animation and Design today and join any of our multiple animation courses today. We are one of the top animation institutes in India due to our superb course coverage, experienced guides and teachers and our opportunities for future placements. Register with us and take a step forward towards a prosperous career ahead!