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A New World Of Animation Opens Up With The Marvels

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Everyone who has gone to the multiplex in the last ten years has watched a Marvel movie at some point in time, indeed! What started as a single Iron Man movie in the hopes that it would take off has led to a multibillion-dollar franchise, releasing hit after hit and conjuring magic for the audience.

Today, Marvel Studios is genuinely massive in its scope and potential. They have singlehandedly changed the entire course of the animation and VFX industry. Using cutting-edge technology and hi-tech animation techniques, the production house has completely changed the game and inspired millions of aspiring animators to sign up for animation as a career choice. 

Let’s talk today about their new movie, The Marvels, and how it has taken forward the already advanced animation techniques we expect from Marvel Studios.

In addition, if you want to work in the animation industry in similar multimillion-budget films, we will also talk about the best animation college in India, where you can get your B.Sc. in VFX and start working in such high-budget movies. So, let’s go!

The Marvels and Captain Marvel

Even though Iron Man is probably the most loved character in the MCU, he is not their most powerful! That honor lies with Captain Marvel, the gritty and relentless Carol Danvers, played by Brie Larson in the movie. What’s better, you will be happy to know that a new movie starring Captain Marvel in a leading role is out, and it is a visual masterpiece unlike ever before!

The Marvels is an informal name Ms. Marvel uses to call the trio of her Captain Marvel and Dar Benn. The trio works together in the movie to take down the Kree, an infamous villain group in the comics. There is a ton of animation techniques, and VFX added into every single shot.

 Moreover, much of the movie showcases alien worlds and dimensions, all rendered using CGI, thus displaying the sheer scale of animation imaging and rendering that went into the final output. Put simply, this movie exceeds the colossal scale of animation used in the Avengers movies even.

All of the Marvels use light as their primary power source, which means a lot of imagery had to be added in the way of light waves and other phenomena. In itself, the movie completed its shooting in 2021, and the rest of the VFX processing and post-production took two years to complete. This shows the amount of work and the attention to detail that went into the movie.

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 Internship Opportunities and Work Experience 

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