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Explain How Can a Developer Learn About Web Design?

Want to become a web developer? Then, you must know the basics of web designing and what web designing incorporates, including UI, UX, HTML, etc. Web designing is an artistic cum practical learning that uses conceptual subjects in visuals, text structure, images, typographies, colours, etc., to create a platform for communicating smooth user experience and visual communication. Moople’s web design course in Kolkata with placement can be an excellent choice for aspiring developers.

Here, we will discuss how a developer can learn about web design.

What is web design?

Before you learn the basics of web design, you must begin to understand what it is for a better understanding. Web design is a creative field that encompasses various skills and disciplines to build/develop, and manage a website. Different areas of web design incorporate UX design, UI design, graphic design, authoring and more. At Moople, you can get the best web design course in Kolkata.

Steps to learn Web design and become a Web developer

Becoming a web developer becomes easy when you know the basics of web design. Here, we will discover the steps to becoming a good web designer or multimedia developer in Kolkata.

  • Learn the basic concepts of visual design

Learning the basics of visual design is essential to learn Web designing and becoming a successful web developer. To work as a web developer, you must know basic visual design concepts like shape, line, colour, texture and grids. Web design courses are beneficial for understanding visual design concepts in detail.

  • Learn the basics of HTML

To become a successful web developer, you should also know the basics of HTML. Hypertext markup or HTML is a core programming language widely used in website development. Even today, the major websites are built with HTML. It is an easy and primary programming language you must learn to become a web developer. The HTML tags are browser instructions that generate the website.

  • Learn CSS

Like HTML, web developers also must know about CSS and its usage in web development. Cascading style sheets or CSS is also a core programming language for web development. However, the work of CSS is quite different from HTML. Whereas HTML works to develop the core text or concept of the web page/website, CSS works on the visual aspects and helps to make simple texts more appealing. CSS incorporate layout and visual structuring. CSS is essential to develop a user-friendly and visually appealing website. So, you must learn about CSS to become a successful web developer in Kolkata.

  • Understand the concept of UI

UI or user interface design is also a crucial part of web design. A user interface is a mechanism that helps users access a particular technology or puts a specific technology into work/action. It is the interface where user can access your created website and control their experience. The two main principles of creating a successful and effective UI design are – simplicity and intuitive interface. Making your website UI  simple and intuitive is crucial to becoming a successful developer.

  • Understand the concept of UX.

Like UI, UX or user experience also plays a crucial role in web development. As the name suggests, UX design deals with the user experience and determines how users interact and navigate the site. In UX design, developers work to create a meaningful and relevant experience for the targeted users. It is a vast concept that incorporates all the visual aspects, like colour, texture, layout, typography, etc., to serve the user. UX uses user persona, information architecture, user flow, wireframe and prototyping to create an effective website UX design. You can learn more about UI and UX design with the best web design course in Kolkata.

  • Learning the basics of creating a layout

Creating a layout is also a crucial part of a web development task. As a web developer, you should learn to develop the proper layout for your website. The layout provides a specific pattern to display the information on your website. As an aspiring developer, you must understand two primary layout patterns -the Z and F patterns.

  • Know about typography

Typography is a vital part of your website. It determines the user experience, readability and website appearance—some basic typography concepts include display, serif and sans serif.


Learning web design is exciting for anyone who likes to develop or design websites. We have discussed the steps to becoming a web developer and the basic concepts you must learn as a web developer. However, when you enrol for a web design course, you can learn about it in more detail. At Moople Institute, you can get the best web design course in Kolkata with placement for a bright career in web development.