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Get The Best Animation And Web Design Training In Kolkata And Thane

Animation will take over the media and movie industry as we know it. We already see this shift from actual movie footage movies in the previous decades to a mixture of movie shots, CGI, and VFX in the current times. Virtually every movie being produced has some visual effects treatment done or complete CGI incorporated seamlessly into actual movie footage.

Thus, if you plan to take up a professional course in Animation, now is the time! Make the right decision and come to Moople Institute of Animation and Design. We are the foremost brand in animation training and web design education. We provide the best web development training in Kolkata and other cities of India, including Mumbai and Thane. Read more about Animation, web design, and Moople Institute in this short article! 

What is Web Design? 

For those who do not know this in detail, web design refers to planning, sketching, and rendering website designs and their aspects. It refers to the collective of visuals, auditory cues, and programming operations needed for the website to become functional. 

At Moople Institute of Animation and Design, we help our students gain crucial knowledge on relevant software modules and design techniques that can help them become efficient web developers. Our students are placed in some of the most reputed web design firms, web development agencies, animation studios, and movie production houses. If you want the same for yourself, visit our website today! 

Choose Moople Institute for the Best Training Resources 

At Moople Institute, we have the best equipment and digital infrastructure to help students get a wholesome course experience. We provide the best computers, graphic design software modules, and internet speeds so students can know what it feels like to work at an animation studio. 

Our faculty members are experienced individuals with real-time experience in the animation sector at a professional level. Thus, they are equipped with contemporary knowledge sets they can pass on to students for the most current learning. 

Choose Moople Institute for Comprehensive Course Coverage 

At Moople Institute of Animation and Design, we provide customized course curricula for every one of our salient courses. Whether it is a specialization course, degree course, or certificate course, all have the most comprehensive topic discussions and subject inclusion, so every aspect of the animation industry can be taught to students. 

Moreover, we provide additional learning time for specific requirements of students. For instance, our Web designing course in Thane includes some additional topics that are not taught in every center of excellence of ours. This is because specific software platforms and modules, for instance, are used in specific areas and not others. We keep these localized factors in mind when designing our curriculum. 

Choose Moople Institute for Hands-On Guidance and Internships 

You will be pleased to know that Moople Institute also operates its animation studio under Hi-Tech Animations. This makes us a unique educational institute for sure. Moreover, it also allows us to glean unique insights about the workplace in the animation sector that can only be known through practical experience. 

It also helps us provide our students with the chance to intern in our personal animation studio and give wings to their creative spirit. Students can get to work in real-time workplace scenarios and know beforehand the parameters at which they have to perform. It helps to prepare them for future jobs and placement interviews. 

Our Courses in Animation and Web Design At Moople Institute 

Take a look at some of the courses we offer to students who want to take up Animation and web design as a career: 

Web Design Course 

This specialization course comprehensively covers relevant topics like logo design and iconography, print and layout design, digital imaging, digital publishing, and others. Students will learn to use web-based platforms for online designing and software modules like Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop to gain proficiency. 

3D Animation Course 

This is another specialization course offered by the Moople Institute of Animation and Design to students who want to use animation techniques and methods to create movies and videos. It covers everything from basics like rigging and storyboarding to advanced topics like lighting, texturing, and rotoscopy. All of this is included in a short course that offers the best deal for students. 

Besides these specialization courses, we offer degree courses like B.Sc. in VFX and Filmmaking and B.Sc. in 3D Animation. 


So, why delay?! If you know you want to take up Animation as a career, there is no better option than Moople Institute. Visit our website today to get all the latest updates and start applying. Within a few years, depending on your course, you will be well on your way to a bright and successful career!