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Hi-Tech Animation’s Visual Effects Course Awaits You – Join Now!

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Visual Effects (VFX) is no limited to superhero and time travel films anymore. The moment you turn your TV on, you are watching movies, shows and ads which have VFX hidden in them. Every single film, show or ad which we watch these days is made with little or more VFX course. It is a mandatory element of the post-production. One simply cannot create any video content with some amount of VFX.

Why study VFX in India?

The Indian VFX industry has been growing at a pace which is faster than the IT industry. It has passionately gained a lot of popularity over the past decade. Studying this course would ensure that you have a career in this vast media and entertainment industry with incredible opportunities.
The Indian VFX industry is estimated to grow three-fold in the next two years. Such massive growth is very beneficial for people working as VFX artists. A lot of international movies also send their movie scenes to Indian studios for their VFX work. India’s VFX industry has a great reputation not only in India but also abroad.

India is currently positioned very well in the Indian VFX industry with a lot of scope for the aspiring artists. If you have ever wondered how actors do those stunts or how they go outside space; that is all because of the magic of visual effects.

The sheer number of studios and their involvement in making so much content has created huge employment opportunities in India. Cities like Mumbai and Kolkata have emerged as the ‘hub’ of visual effects in India. Last year the enrolment in VFX Training in Kolkata increased by 32%. This is all because the job prospects are increasing significantly as well.

Why study at Hi-Tech Animation?

Moople(Hi-Tech Animation) is the first of its kind institute which also has a production studio of its own. Moople Institute of Animation and Design¬†offers the best VFX course to all its students. All students get 100% placement assistance after completing their training in the top studios and companies in India. However, the best students directly get absorbed in Hi-Tech’s studio for employment.

The other students are provided with interviews and calls until and unless they are properly placed.

Hi-Tech’s studio curates content for many regional, national and even international channels. It has been the pioneer in transforming amateur students into trained VFX professionals.

All the best companies want to hire professionals from Hi-Tech Animation because it produce the highest standards of education and has a studio of its own. Companies prefer to come at Moople(Hi-Tech) during placement season rather than going to the other typical animation institutes.

The curriculum at Moople has been designed keeping in mind the modern industry needs and standards. Students are given all top-notch facilities like well-equipped classrooms, software to practice and live studio exposure.

The faculty at Hi-Tech has real-life experience of working in the post-production of films. At no other institute would you get to learn among the brightest minds in the industry and learn their tricks of the trade.

Hi-Tech Animation awaits you, come join the best VFX course in Kolkata and become a successful visual effects professional.

Good Luck!