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Animation or VFX? Which Course is Better?

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Animation and VFX are the two biggest industries in the media and entertainment business. Both of these fields have a great amount of popularity among the students who are ambitious about their careers.

However, if you tend to be confused about which one to select then let us help you out. In addition to that, you do need to keep in mind that both of these courses are equivalent when it comes to scope and prospects. It goes without saying that, animation and VFX are two different skills.

If you happen to be confused among these then let us help you out with both of them.

A little about Animation

An animation course prepares students to be professional animators. As animators, you would be able to create content using different tools and software. The animation is an integral part of the entertainment business.

• The animation industry is destined to grow three times its present value by the mid of 2020.

• A large number of international studios are also opening up their centers in India which has generated millions of new jobs.

• The animation is not limited to cartoon shows but has expanded to an advertisement, movies, e-commerce, marketing, e-learning and etc.

The billion dollar business generated by animated films speaks volumes for the scope and prospect of this industry. Join an animation institute in Kolkata to build a strong career for yourself in animation.

What is VFX and its scope?

A VFX course is designed strategically to help students become pro at CGI. Visual Effects is the use of artificial imagery to create scenes and add elements in films that did not exist earlier.

VFX is a crucial part of any film’s post-production. Every film or TV show made these days has some or the other amount of visual effects inculcated in it.

• The production value of VFX has been consistently increasing twice its size for the last five years.

• It has been one of the biggest employment providing fields in India over the last couple of years.
• Visual Effects is the spinal cord of any film’s post-production. Hence, its prospect is very high.

As VFX professionals you would be working with the editing and directorial team in order to get the film done.

Which course should you select?

The choice between animation or VFX training in Kolkata is completely yours. Both are equally successful and progressive courses on their own. Now you need to decide which one you would be willing to take in order to build a successful career for yourself.

The best way to make a decision would be by talking to an education counselor. They would be able to help you. Keeping in mind your preferences, talents and career choices; counselors would be able to help you select the right course.

Good Luck!