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How Is 3D Animation Used In Advertising?

Today, we will take a look at how 3D animation is playing and will play an even more significant role in time to come, in the world of advertising and marketing. We will also delve into how 3D animation, in particular, can help companies to create better graphics and build better relationships with customers and clients.

So, take a short journey into the world of 3D animation and advertising and how the two are intricately connected in this modern world of innovative marketing. If you also want to know the best graphics and animation courses that will teach you these skills, we will take a look at that as well. Let’s go! 

How Are Advertising and 3D Animation Linked?

Advertising is a field that demands constant innovation and originality to stand out from the rest of the crowd. Advertising and marketing executives have to consistently come up with newer and better ideas to market their products so that consumers keep on purchasing more and more.

If you think of it, a good advertisement sticks in your brain years and decades after it has stopped airing. For instance, who can forget the iconic Nirma washing powder ad or the hilarious Mentos “dimag ki batti jala de” ad? These have become part of the collective memory of the entire nation.

With time, advertisers have had to resort to newer methods and better iconography to create a favourable impression in the minds of the audience. This is where 3D animation has become ever more critical. The most significant 3D character is perhaps the Amul girl, known across the world for standing up for burning issues and crucial events.

With an increasing quotient of competition in every field, creative advertisements are crucial to capturing the imagination of the viewer. If not, there are a hundred other brands that can scoop up their business, leaving your enterprise empty-handed.

Businesses must understand that 3D animated advertisements are the thing of the future. Let us take a look at how they can improve the quality of your marketing campaign and improve its outreach!

How Does 3D Animation Improve Advertising Campaigns?

These are just a few of the various ways in which 3D animation can enhance an advertising experience:

Creative Characters and Designs

3d animation character with tooth brush

With 3D animation, creators can open up a whole new realm of possibility in terms of characters and designs. 3D animation potentially makes creating any 3D character possible, which is not possible with conventional advertising methods. This allows for better campaigns and ideas to be generated.

For instance, if you take a look at the advertising campaign of Slack, there are no human characters in the ads. Instead, the company has resorted to simple spheres that represent workers, which can be aligned to project relevant ideas. What this does is, it reduces human characters to a simple ball, which is instantly relatable to one and all, exponentially magnifying the outreach potential at minimum cost.

Picture Perfect Details

Conventional methods of shooting an advertisement like a movie have become outdated. Advertisements generally have a tight budget, which restricts the use of high-resolution camera equipment. In that case, it becomes difficult to shoot a video in high detail and pixel ratios.

With 3D animation, all these problems can be done away with. Since the actual creative process is rendered digitally, there is no need for cameras. Moreover, animation artists can tweak the picture quality freely, thus creating details and elements that feel realistic and much more immersive.

Customized Themes and Elements

It is always a good idea to create a customized theme or outlook for your product that immediately resonates with the audience when they watch it. We have already spoken of a few campaigns that reflect the power of this method. Other examples include the iPhone tune or the “Kiss me” campaign for Cadbury Silk.

3D animation makes creating a custom theme very easy. Thus, brands can capitalize on this to create a space for themselves in the minds of consumers. It helps to amplify the potential of any ad campaign and takes it forward to its desired results.

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