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How To Become A Graphics Designer In Mumbai

Do you want to know about a profession that can help you secure a bright future for yourself? If so, then you are at the right place! This article is for all those individuals who have a creative spark and the ability to create original designs at a moment’s notice. Today, we will be talking about graphic design, graphics and animation courses and how you can become a successful graphic designer in the most beautiful city of all, Mumbai! 

So, let’s get to know everything on this today!

What Is Graphic Design and Animation? 

For all those who have no idea, graphic design is the process of creating beautiful and artistic visuals that can be used for infinite purposes. If you look around you, you are surrounded by graphics everywhere you go. 

From the newspaper ads you see to the graffiti on the metro station walls, the billboards all around you and your favourite coffee brand bottle, graphic design has touched everything you can see around you. It is a fundamental part of marketing and advertising, which is why almost every marketing department, advertising firm and company needs the services of graphic designers. 

Similarly, animation is an advanced form of graphic design where the visuals can be incorporated with motion and movement to create more exciting possibilities and situations where a product can be advertised. 

What Are Some Roles That Graphic Designers Can Fill Up?

Some of the most popular career choices after becoming a graphic designer include: 

Media and Entertainment

For graphic designers and animation artists, the most expansive field they can work in is the media and entertainment industry. They can work in post-production as well as on production sets. Their job roles are even expanded to pre-production if it is an animated video or movie. 

In the case of camera-shot movies, animation and graphic design play a huge role in the marketing of the film and the final editing of the footage. Thus, both professions are preliminary for a movie to be completed and released today. 

Advertising and Marketing 

As mentioned above, advertising is a hot field for good graphic designers, as original and talented individuals are in high demand in these lines of work. Moreover, professionals can also work with marketing firms and advertising departments of corporate and other companies. These are high-paying jobs that only the best designers qualify for. 

Web Design and Development 

Another potent avenue of work that has opened up for graphic designers after the dot com boom is the web development industry. Almost every website that goes live requires catchy graphics and cutting-edge web design to attract the attention of their target audiences. This is where good and original graphics can play a significant role in improving web traffic metrics. 

Even ecommerce websites require designers to develop the best shelf layouts and product placement strategies to improve sales and generate more revenue for their company. 

Choose Moople Institute For Best Graphic Design Courses in Mumbai 

If you wish to have the best all-around training in graphic design, there is no better option than the graphics designing course in Mumbai offered by Moople Institute of Animation and Design. We are an animation, VFX and graphic design training institute with a pan-India presence across all major cities and hubs. 

We provide students with the best course curriculum that covers all relevant topics they need to learn to design well. Moreover, we cover all the most updated software programs and modules used in the animation industry. 

We keep our curriculum contemporary and updated by conferring with industry experts and specialists who know and manage the present scenario every day. We also hire guest teachers with running experience in animation supervision and directorship, thus bringing the best learning possible for our students. 

In addition, we have a wonderfully updated laboratory setup where students can get a real-world grasp of the different software modules and other animation and design techniques. We provide excellent infrastructure in terms of storage capacity and computing power so students can understand how it feels to be working in a professional setup. 


So, if you wish to fulfil your dream of working in the movie industry and become renowned around Mumbai, join Moople Institute today. We are also expanding to nearby cities, so if you prefer to take your graphics designing course in Thane instead, you can now do that as well.

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