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List Out Some Of The JQuery Functions Used For Web Page Designing

If you are learning web design, you must have heard of different programming languages, including JQuery. Though jQuery is not technically a programming language, it is still a crucial part of web designing. So, if you are new to jQuery and want to know its functionality, you have come to the right place. This blog will discuss some of the essential jQuery functions used for web designing. So, let’s get started!

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What is jQuery in web designing?

It is important to learn about what is jQuery before you learn about its functions. It will help you get a deeper understanding of the subject. jQuery is a JavaScript library. It has become an essential part of web designing using JavaScript since its launch in 2016. You can also enrol on a web design institute to learn more about jQuery and its uses in web development.

Some essential functions of jQuery for web designing

As a beginner web developer, you must know its basic functions in web development. It will make it easier to use JavaScript in web page development. Also, if you plan to enrol on graphics and animation courses, you can learn about jQuery functions from there. Here, we will list some most popular jQuery functions that are widely used in web page designing-

  • Hide function

The hide function of jQuery helps you hide any selected HTML element with simple steps. All you need to do is to call the function and follow the process. As a result, when you script the hide function for a selected element, it hides the element from your page. You can learn more about jQuery functions and web design from Moople Web Design Institute.

  • Show function

This jQuery function works opposite to the hide function. It lets you display or show the hidden HTML element using the hide function. So, you must learn the hide function first to learn the show function. What you will show is simple if all your HTML elements are already displayed on the web page.

Therefore, before you apply the show function on any HTML element of the web page, you must use the hide function on the same HTML element.

  • slideUp function

The slide Up function of jQuery also lets the developers hide any selected HTML element without using the hide function. The slide Up function is a cool alternative to the hide function to help you hide any selected HTML element. The function helps to slide the selected HTML element up and remove it slowly.

The most interesting feature of this jQuery function is that it helps you control the sliding speed, making it most accessible and effective.

  •  slideDown function

Like the slide Up (an alternative to hide), the slide Down function is an alternative to the show function. The slide Down function helps show the selected HTML element. The slide Down function allows you to show your selected HTML element on the web page, similar to the show function. But it works more effectively as you can control how the HTML element appears on your webpage. The graphics and animation courses can help you learn about jQuery and other programming languages. Also, Moople can offer quality web designing and animation courses in Kolkata.

  • Toggle function

The toggle function is another essential function of jQuery for web designing. The toggle function is a versatile function that can do the task of both hide and show functions. The toggle function is very useful as it uses a single element to hide or show an HTML element. It can be a great option to give your users both controls of showing and hiding a specific element. At Moople Web Design Institute, you can learn more about jQuery functions and other web design elements.

  • SlideToggle function

Another versatile jQuery function useful for web designing is the Slide Toggle function. This toggle function works on the selected HTML element for both slide Up and slide Down functions. It works similarly to the toggle function comprising the hide and show function. The only difference is that it comprises the work of slide Up and slide Down. So, the Slide Toggle function can do the work of both the slide Up and slide Down functions on a selected HTML element during the sliding of your webpage.


jQuery is a JavaScript library launched in 2016. It has made using JavaScript in web designing easier and more effective. Today, if you want to use JavaScript in your webpage, you must know the functions of jQuery. Here, we have listed some essential jQuery functions for web development. And if you are searching for ‘web design courses near me’ or ‘best web design institute near me’- you can visit Moople web design institution, one of the best web designing institutes in India.