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Key points you must know about motion graphics & Animation

As a motion and graphic designer, you must know certain thumb rules to excel at your work. With growing ubiquity of electronic and digital devices motion graphics has become an integral part of designer s portfolio. Here are certain key points one must know in order to perfect the art of motion graphics.

  • 3D skills

3D designing skills are very important to learn for a motion designer. It is no longer sufficient to just know the basics of 2D designing. The market has seen huge progress from 3D content. That being the reason it would be expected out of designers to know at least the basics of 3D animation courses.

  • Graphic design skills

Now, this is more of an unsaid rule that applies to anyone who even thinks of becoming a motion designer. A graphic designer course would be the perfect way to learn the skills. You can always practice the art and become a pro at it. Knowing graphic designing would help you with grasping a better knowledge of the art.

  • Timing

In true animation, timing is the key player. The entire point of watching a video projection is that the timing matches the video content that is getting circulated. With proper time gaps and stop-motion sequence, one can definitely create good content for motion graphics.

  • An Understanding of Color Theory

Stone Age is over and the creations of motion designers are going to require colours. Color synchronizations and a good sense of colour selection are very important for designers. If they cannot coordinate colours properly into their designs then there is literally no point in being a designer.

  • Creativity

Thinking out of the box is the bread and butter for a motion designer. Try to get inspired by the work of others and take notes from that. You need to ahead in the creative front all the time. In that way, you will be able to create new designs from time to time.