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Things to be looking for to select the best institute for graphic designing course

How to select a graphic designing institute?

Good graphic designing course can give wings to your career potential to flourish in the world of designing. The art of visual communication with the customers is done via designing. Graphic designing involves the use of computer software and applications for designing visual crafts.

In order to become a designer one definitely needs to learn from a graphics designer course. Not all things can be self taught. However, the list of graphics design courses in Kolkata is certainly not at all small. You will require finding the best one in order to learn the designing art best. You can learn to swim by jumping in a pool itself but to be an Olympic medalist you certainly require to specialize with training from experts.

Here are certain criteria you will need to look forward to before selecting an institute. So take out a pen and start marking the checklist.


Most institutes often claim 100% placement assistance but that is not what we are looking for here. Our concern is the quality of placements. Go through the testimonials and take a thorough look into the companies and designations ex-students are talking about. If you find the placements feasible then it is green signal for that institute.

Labs and equipments

Fully equipped labs with updated software are a must for uninterrupted learning. Get this doubt cleared out from your counselor when they describe you the courses. Make sure your institute has all the essentials as per equipments and technology that one needs for learning.


Living in the 21st century if one thing we are very sure about is everything is useless without its practical use. The course structure offered by that particular institute must be industry-oriented. No curriculum is worth any benefit if it cannot bore any practical significance to your career. Enquire about the course structure and its components before you fill out the enrollment form.

Reading Google reviews and believing on word of the mouth are not bad features to judge an institute by but do consider the above mentioned checklist to select your graphics institute. Contact us to know more about: Graphics design courses in Kolkata