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Things you must know to be a graphics designer

A full time career in graphics designing is great if you are creative or want to dedicate yourself to creating new art all the time. Graphic designing entails one to come up with new ideas all the time. So before you join a Graphics Designing course make sure these things do not slip your mind.

Here is a small set of thumb rules you are expected to know before joining for a graphics design courses.

Clients come before everything

You will need to place the clients’ requirement above everything. The entire project is ultimately for them and it is your duty to not let go of any small detail they mention. Clients can often get confusing, to eradicate that confusion you will need to understand their perspective.


If you are an impatient person with short temper then that is the first thing you will require to work upon. There is absolutely no place for impatience in graphics designing and animation courses. Clients might ask you make the smallest of changes in the same design over 10 or 15 times. As a good designer it would be expected of you to keep your calm and not lose the chill.

Keeping your mind calm and open to suggestions is a must.

Adobe Photoshop

Photoshop is the go-to software that graphic designers use. You will learn to operate and use the software in the duration of your course. Other than Photoshop the tools you will be expected to learn are Illustrator, Dreamweaver, PowerPoint and In Design. (The more you know the better! That will always give you more options to browse from.)

Ask questions

You do not enter the classroom to sit mum and listen to the teacher rambling for an hour. You are here to learn and make the most of it by asking questions over and over. The more you ask the more will you learn. Do not hesitate if you are stuck somewhere.

If you are passionate about learning designing then go for it. Every profession has its set of challenges and graphic designing is no different. All that is expected out of you will be hard work and patience towards the art.