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What A Multimedia Artist Can Learn From The Movie Jungle Book

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The Jungle Book is a Walt Disney movie based on the famous novel by Rudyard Kipling. It is written by Justin Marks. It is a story about a boy named Mowgli, who is an orphan and is raised by the animals in the wild jungle. The movie has used CGI animation technique and the results are awesome. It was both critically and financially successful. It is one of the highest earning movies of 2016. The movie will remain a landmark achievement in the movie list of Walt Disney. A multimedia artist can learn a lot of things from this movie.

The Jungle Book movie couldn’t have been possible without the multimedia work by the creators of the movie. The movie had only one living person in it and the rest all were created using various VFX techniques. The special effects of the movie were so brilliantly done that it was very hard to believe that only the boy Mowgli was real and the rest were artificially created. It had many features such as live action scenes, animated scenes, etc. It gave the audience the virtual tour of the Indian jungle.

It is very difficult to create any character. In the movie, they created a huge number of characters. Various virtual cameras along with computer simulation technique was used in making this masterpiece. The team consisted of 800 artists, who created more than 50 animal species. The animation was very carefully planned. Each scene was briefed before creating it. All the proper camera angles were decided after choosing the perfect one. The animation team imagined how a certain character would react in a particular situation.

The animals were pretty tricky to create. Each animal has its own feature which is different from others. Mowgli`s best friend Baloo, a bear was round and huge in shape. He had big hands with pretty long nails. Similarly, Bagheera, Sher Khan had to be created very carefully without overlooking any important feature. For creating animals, puppets were used while shooting and they were later replaced with the special effects. Various shots were taken of the jungles in India for the purpose of creating jungle in the movie. The animals were created using key frame animation method with some assistance from the recorded footage of real animals. This movie led to the increase in demand for multimedia courses in Kolkata.

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