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Why is Moople Sonarpur the Best Animation institute in Kolkata?

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Moople Institute of Animation and Design is a pioneer when it comes to quality education in animation and multimedia courses. Over the years, it has helped hundreds and thousands of students to achieve their dreams of becoming certified professionals in the industry. Whether you are an aspiring animator, VFX artist or web designer; there is ample scope for you to succeed if you study at Moople’s animation course.

Moople branch at Sonarpur is equipped with the latest technology-based classrooms, high end faculty and a very strong presence of quality education. You are ought to receive nothing less than the best.

Why choose Moople Sonarpur?

Moople Institute of Animation and Design’s branch at Sonarpur is among the leading and best animation institutes in Kolkata. This institute has understood the current demand for advanced animators and curated curriculums based on the same. Moople Institute of Animation and Design provides a complete 360 degree education to its students in animation and film making via their courses.

In fact, depending on the career requirements, there are different courses for different students as well.

  • B.Sc in 3D Animation and Filmmaking
  • 3D Design and Animation
  • 2D Art and Animation
  • Creature Animation Module
  • Advance Texturing Module

All of these courses have different duration and eligibility criteria for admissions. Depending on what suits your career goals the best; you can make your pick. In case, you want to speak to a professional education counselor regarding your courses then we can arrange that for you as well. Moople Institute offers free of cost career counseling to all aspiring students. Reach out to us and a free counseling session with a professional expert will be scheduled for you.

Top 3D Animation Courses for aspiring students

Moople Institute of Animation and Design has earned the reputation of being the top institute for 3D animation courses. A primary reason for the same is also the long list of expert facultis at this institute. Most of the staff members are actual animators and post production professionals who have actual experience on working in real projects. Their hands-on studio expertise helps students to gain real world insights.

Moople Institute’s in-house production studio, i.e. Hi-Tech Animation is a direct recruiter and also provides students exposure to studio work and culture. This is a rare educational benefit which most animation institutes in India cannot provide. A lot of leading studios and companies, therefore, have chosen Moople Institute as their primary recruiter for animators and multimedia professionals as well.

For more information on animation courses, fees, eligibility, scope or anything else; contact us.

We wish you all the best in your future career aspirations.