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Why Kolkata Is The Best City for Graphic Design and Animation Courses- A Thorough Study

Since you landed on this blog page, you might wonder if Kolkata is an excellent place to pursue your graphic design and animation courses. Well, you have come to the right blog page. This blog gives you a detailed clarification of why Kolkata has to be your top pick for the animation degree course.

Moreover, this page not only guides you to be sure of Kolkata’s animation institutes but also encourages its readers to give animation a thought. Let’s get started from the beginning!

What is Animation?

You may already know what animation is. But the point is to encourage others who had not planned to join animation courses before coming here.

You must have pictured sequences when your parents and grandparents told you bedtime stories. Well, the animation is the visual representation of those sequences. It is an advanced method where animation experts arrange successive drawings in a definite sequence and change them fast. This gives an illusion of movement to the human eye. The human eye can hold an image for 1/10th of a second. So when it sees multiple appearances in a fast sequence, it starts relating the images as a motion picture.

The future of animators is very bright, while other streams need help to land a relevant job for their career.

What is Graphic Design?

Like animation, graphics design courses is an advanced art form that demands special skills. You must have watched many advertisements so far. Some of them have caught your eye for a long time. That is the work of a graphic designer. They create visual content with images and letters to communicate with the consumers. They use advanced page layout techniques, typography and pictures to meet clients’ satisfaction.

Graphic design has been ruling the corporate world since its very foundation. Be it digital or paper design, graphic design has covered them all.

Why Choose Kolkata as Your Learning City?

But why would you choose Kolkata as your academic destination for your graphic design and animation courses? Let’s check out why:

Kolkata is the Home of Art and Design

Bengalis are famous all over the country for producing the best artists of all time. You may think that artists have nothing to do with animation, but you may be wrong. Animation is also an art form. Kolkata has some of the best animators in the country who have been proving their worth through their high-quality animation and graphic designs. So if you choose Kolkata, you will be selecting the art hub.

Specialized Programs

You will find only the best programs for your animation degree course. Animation institutes in Kolkata have a wide range of course, plans that offer you a number of new skills. You will never fall short if you choose Kolkata. If you think you are a novice in animation, start at the beginner’s level.

You will learn everything from basic to 2D and 3D animation to motion pictures and VFX skills in Kolkata.

Better Scope and Opportunity

Kolkata offers some of the best animation faculty to aspiring animators. They teach you from scratch and prepare you to face the real-life challenges of animation. You get to learn with the latest animation equipment and work with the professionals in your fieldwork. Kolkata gives a golden opportunity to work with reputed animation studios.

Low tuition Cost

If you think with all the advanced courses and programs, Kolkata will mooch you off; you are overthinking. Surprisingly, the tuition cost of graphic design and animation courses in Kolkata is low compared to other states of India. This is because the living cost in Kolkata is also very reasonable. The people of Kolkata believe in quality education at an affordable fee. You do not have to break your deposits in order to become an animator.


In short, if you choose Kolkata, you will be enjoying advanced learning at a much lower charge. Moreover, it offers you to work with big names and assures placements. However, do not just get into any random animation college. Instead, choose the best animation institute in Kolkata that teaches you well and gives you a worthy certificate.