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Welcome to Moople Berhampore

Moople's Animation Institute in Berhampore provides a leading animation design program in Kolkata, designed according to modern industry standards. Our curriculum aims to unleash the artistic potential of animators and prepare students for success. At our 3D animation institute in Berhampore, we prioritize experimentation, abstraction, and engaging storytelling techniques. We offer a diverse range of courses tailored to students' desired professional paths.

The 3D animation course in Berhampore offers exceptional training opportunities. At Moople's VFX training institute, located in Berhampore, you will learn various skills such as composition basics, rotoscoping, stereoscopy, paint and prep, matte painting, CG compositing, live action compositing, 3D conversion, wire removal, camera tracking, and set extension. Our graphic and web design program, offered by the top institute in Berhampore, focuses on interactive graphic and media design, nurturing professionals with a deep understanding of art and visual language. Our training modules cover a wide range of areas, including news channel idents, corporate identity kits, logo animation, and logo design.

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Our Courses

Moople Institute of Animation and Design provides highly rewarding graphics and web design courses in Berhampore, designed to meet industry standards. Our specialized training programs and curriculum will enhance your career prospects, and we also offer placement support upon completion of training.

3D Design & Animation

In our state-of-the-art classrooms, our 3D animation course in Berhampore equips you with the skills needed to become a successful professional. Using industry-standard software, we teach you the foundational principles of animation and guide you in constructing an expert animation reel.

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Graphics Design
Graphics & Media Design

Our graphic design courses at Moople's Graphic Web Design Institute offer students real-world experience in a studio setting. We provide training using popular programs like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Corel Draw, After Effects, and Cinema 4D.

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B.Sc in animation & film making
Web Designing Pro

Moople's Web Design Courses in Berhampore present promising career opportunities. Join our 12-month program to study interactive graphic and media design at the top graphic and web design institute in Berhampore.

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Visual Effects for Film

Moople's VFX training institute in Berhampore offers advanced industry-standard visual effects training. The modules cover essential tools and software required to master visual effects for films.

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B.Sc in animation & film making
B.Sc. in Multimedia, Animation and Graphic Design

Moople's animation institute in Berhampore offers a comprehensive 3-year B.Sc. program in Multimedia, Animation, and Graphic Design. This degree is affiliated with MAKAUT (WBUT).

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B.Sc in animation & film making
B.Sc in VFX Filmmaking

Our pioneering VFX degree course in Berhampore is designed to help aspiring professionals pursue a career in visual effects. This specialized program will empower you to thrive in the field.

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digital marketing
Digital Markerting

Digital marketing encompasses a range of online strategies and tools aimed at promoting products, services, and brands in the digital space.

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B.Sc in animation & film making
Short term specialization courses

Moople's 3D animation institute in Berhampore provides a variety of short-term specialization courses to enhance your career. These courses cover a range of multimedia specialties.

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