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Benefits of Joining Animation after 12th standard

It’s said that “you get what you focus on, so focus on what you want”. After 12th standard you come to a brink to make the most important decision of your life that what you going to choose as career option. It’s baffling since you’ve enormous options of professional course are opened in today’s India. So it’s important for you to understand what the profession will suit your passion.

If you are an animation enthusiastic and your love for creativity then you can make Animation and Multimedia study as your career field. Use of Animation and VFX in Indian production houses has been radicalized. Whether its feature film production or commercial ads on TV; Animation has become almost an obligatory factor. Hence Animation and Multimedia has become a viable career option for one since it has created ever growing boundless job opportunities. The rapidity of job creation in this field is more than ever before in India. Hollywood production houses are also outsourcing their work with India and that is what makes the need of skillful Animators ever growing. All you need are the skills, passion and diligence.

Nobody needs any mathematical or reasoning aptitude to be suited for Animation study. In this field your work experience and skills weigh more than your qualifications. So all you need is skills and passion for your work.

To meet this growing demand a good number of Animation institutions have sprouted all over India. They offer bachelor’s degree courses, diploma courses and certificate courses. Required qualification is 10+2, irrespective of any stream (science, arts or commerce) with the 45% or above, not more than 55%.

An animator can avail job opportunities in the fields of VFX, 2D and 3D Animation, Graphic Design, Storyboarding, Animation Design, Game Design, 3D Modelling, Texturing and Lighting and Dynamics and many more.

An animator can be recruited in the agencies like,

  • Animation Studios
  • Media Agencies
  • Film Production Houses
  • Advertising Agencies
  • Web Entities (Websites and e-magazines)

The animation and VFX industry has come a long way creating numerous job opportunities for people who will be completing a course in animation and VFX course.