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Did You Know Guru aur Bhole is Created by Hi-Tech Animation?

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With so much to browse on Netflix, it can often get a tussle to decide what we need to watch. Animated cartoon shows are really like the comfort food which one can binge watch at any time and entertain themselves. One of the very popular cartoon shows on Netflix is ‘Guru aur Bhole’.

‘Guru aur Bhole’ is a big hit among kids and also their parents. The show is filled with fun and goofball messages which people are so much in love with. The popular show also streams on Sony YAY. It is a mass popular show with such a creative angle.

The perfect combination of singing and dancing with innocent humor really makes it a favorite among the people.

About the creators of ‘Guru aur Bhole

If you have watched ‘Guru aur Bhole’ chances are that you really love the show. The show was created by none other than Moople Institute of Animation and Design. Apart from being one of the leading animation institutes in Kolkata, Moople (Hi-Tech) also has a studio of its own.

Moople (Hi-Tech Animation) stands to be a premier animation institute which has a studio of its own . This production studio creates content not just for regional but also for national and international channels.

Guru aur Bhole is an incredible masterpiece. It is one of cartoons which you cannot get enough of. So many people are enjoying watching it on

Netflix and Sony YAY. We suggest that you also check it out if you have been looking to watch something interesting on Netflix recently.