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Editing Punctuation Module

Traditionally, a cut joins two shots in a continuing action, a fade signals a change from one action to another and an effect makes either type of transition purposely calling attention to it. In a cut, the first frame of a new shot directly follows the last frame of the previous one. Grammatically, a cut is like the space between two words: a division between units of meaning that signals no change at all. In classic editing, a cut should be nearly invisible because the action on screen moves across the division between shots in an uninterrupted flow. This enhances the illusion that the viewer is watching a continuous process instead of a bunch of discrete images.

Creating this illusion is easy when the shots show different subjects, such as close-ups of two different actors, because the viewer expects the image to change completely from shot to shot. But when two shots cover successive views of the same subject you must spackle the seam with two crucial editing techniques: matching action and changing camera angle.

It is to be understood that video editing is an extensively interesting profession to choose from. All you have to do is opt a video editing course in Kolkata from a reputed institute (there are many) and learn the craft of video editing and become a professional in it. In this particular module you will learn the importance of video editing in a film as relevant to the existence of punctuation in literature. In order to assemble a fully fledged film you must know all the tactics and essentials of video editing.

Editing punctuations is one of the most important key elements that you will be learning throughout the video editing course. The method works equally well if you reverse it so that the outgoing cup ends on-screen and the incoming cup starts off-screen. And when you have a really difficult edit, try both at once: finish the outgoing and start the incoming shots with empty screens. Video editing has numerous aspects to be learned and selecting a video editing course is the best option for you to learn and get equipped with the craft.

An editor can be considered a film’s silent director, if you will, because certainly an editor has as much to say about how the story is told through how they cut and string the scenes together. A good editor is more than necessary to a good director, they’re intrinsic. If directing is storytelling, and cinematography is language by which it is told, than editing is the mechanics of that language, the syntax and the diction, the punctuation.