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Must watch Animated movies, 2017

2017 proved to be a great year for Animation movies. Over a hundred blockbuster hits were produced this year. With the year let s take a look back at some of the most amazing films of this year. If you haven t seen these five movies yet, then put them on your Christmas watch list right away.

Boss Baby

Hilarious and a full bag of entertainment value. This movie remains a must watch no matter what the category is. An adult in a baby s body who has been sent on a corporate mission. The interesting turn of events that take place in the later series of the film will drive you crazy. Imagine having a new born in the home that makes the heavens come down with their craziness. To find out you need to watch the film.

The Breadwinner

A story of courage and bravery of an 11-year old girl who disguises as a boy to rescue her father and earn bread for the family. We all do live in a patriarchal society and this is extreme in many parts of the world. A fight against patriarchy and extreme rules of Taliban, this girl breaks all hurdles and shows an extraordinary story.

Despicable Me 3

The third part promised triple the fun and delivered much more than that. We are not delivering spoilers if you haven t seen this yet. Gru s evil twin brother Dru makes an entry and the series of events that follow are funny. Agnes and the other girls also have some interesting stories to tell you. Do watch this movie for sure.

Olaf s frozen adventure

“Some people are worth melting for”. And our heart has always carried that soft corner of Olaf ever since. This film is all about Olaf s fun adventure with reindeer Sven. Olaf sets on a mission to save Christmas for everyone.  The perfect Christmas celebration will be with warm coffee and this adventurous film to save Christmas. I assume we have our new Santa now.

The Emoji Movie

Residing in a smartphone, Textopolis is the town and home of all the emoticons. This 3D movie shows the conflict between emojis. Where each of them has their unique expression one of them is different and this turns to both his advantage and disadvantage. Want to know what happens next? Well you will have to watch the movie next.

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