You are currently viewing 5 animated series on Netflix you can binge watch this holiday

5 animated series on Netflix you can binge watch this holiday

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If you are anywhere close to what I am you will love to find out what’s written further in this article. Holidays account for the best time to complete your binge list. In case you already have a list, I would suggest you postpone that because of this worth your time. Netflix is adding over a hundred shows every other week and it is so difficult to find out what to watch in that puddle of shows.

In this article, we are here to save your holidays. Prepare your coffee, get the popcorn and get ready to watch these incredible shows. I promise you will not regret watching them.

Here are the top five Netflix animated shows:

Bojack Horseman

It appears as if a lot of people get obsessed with this show all the time but a lot of people are yet to start watching it. Bojack Horseman is a revolutionary show in the world of animation. It is an animated dark comedy series with a very realistic storyline. Believe it or not but it will hit you in the guts. As one of the very first adult comedies in the digital space; you will find a lot of originality that has probably never appeared on screen in terms of animation content. Put this on your watch list first thing.

Boss Baby: Back to Business

2018 featured the first season. It is an extension of the earlier movie of the same name. Templeton and the baby go on a crucial mission to save baby corp. But once they are successful, no one knows what will follow them. In the first season of this series, you will find a light-hearted comedy and happy mood adventure that follows. If you want something light-hearted and comic then this is the right choice for you to watch. Although, I will suggest watching the animated film prior to starting this show on Netflix.

Rick and Morty

Do not think that I have a dark mind for suggesting all dark humour shows. Let us get real for a second, for years cartoons are the only things that get associated with comedy and childish humour. Netflix has broken the cycle of stereotypes with animation content like these only. It is only fair you give it a try too. With a tinge of scientific references and mind-boggling storyline; Rick and Morty are all set to amaze you with the most extraordinary concepts that there are. watch the show on Netflix

In addition to that, this is good discussion material with friends too. Make sure you catch up with this show this holiday.

Spy Kids: Mission Critical

I would not be recommending this piece of genius if it wasn’t too good. Trust me on this, a full family fun. You can enjoy this with your entire family. So, rest this holiday season with kids and cousins and friends and family and get started on this marvelous show. You will be very happy to find out the context here. It’s filled with plot twists and new actions in each and every episode. It is so good that might make you want to sign up for an animation course. That is a great idea actually. Then you will be able to make shows of your own too.

Guru Aur Bhole on Netflix

We save the best for the last. After successfully streaming on Sony YAY; Guru Aur Bhole is now available on Netflix. Since its very release, people have loved it like anything. It is a musical and dance comedy and a must watch for everyone. All the kids are absolutely digging the episodes of this show. Just in one season, it has received so much love and positive reviews. It is such an amazing show and why wouldn’t it be. The creators are from Moople institute of animation and design . And if you think about it; even you can create characters and animation content like this with a B.Sc course here.