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Reasons to Choose B.Sc Animation as your Degree at Hi-Tech Animation

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When it comes to offering multimedia training, Hi-Tech Animation has emerged as one of India’s most prestigious institutions. This is the place to attend if you want to succeed in 3D Animation, VFX, or design.

There are several aspects of this college that set it apart from other traditional colleges.

  • 100% Placement Assistance
  • Live in-house studio exposure
  • Career-oriented degree
  • Affiliated to MAKAUT (WBUT)
  • Best animation course in Kolkata

100% Placement Assistance

Hi-Tech Animation has always prioritized employment recruitment and placements. They assure that all students have 100% guaranteed placement possibilities upon successful completion of their program.

In reality, the brightest pupils are also accepted into Hi-in-house Tech’s studio.

This is most likely the only institute implementing a dual placement scheme. Furthermore, until and unless properly placed, all other students are subjected to calls and interviews.

You may be confident that if you choose to study for any degree at Hi-Tech, you will have a well-paying job by the conclusion of your training time.

Degree Affiliated to MAKAUT (WBUT)

The best animation training institute which you can join in 2021 would be Hi-Tech Animation.

Hi-Tech Animation provides a well-regarded 3D Animation and filmmaking degree program. MAKAUT has been assigned to the degree (WBUT). This implies that students who complete his degree will receive a valid three-year degree from MAKAUT.

This is one of the most prestigious B.Sc degree courses in Animation in India. Because the degree comes from such a famous school, you are qualified for a variety of high-level positions in studios and production organizations. Many students who have obtained this B.Sc degree in 3D Animation have gone on to have extremely successful professions. This is the road to choose if you are passionate and committed about your job.

Industry Oriented Syllabus

Hi-Tech Animation’s course or program is entirely industry orientated. You’d be studying all a student needs to know to become an animator in this industry.

You should look through the website to discover what lessons are covered in the courses. All courses, whether 3D Animation, VFX, or Graphic Designing, have been developed by professionals. All of the courses have been designed with the students’ needs in mind.

Live Production Studio Exposure

Hi-Tech Animation is a one-of-a-kind institute in India with its own production facility. Furthermore, it is the only one in Kolkata. If you wish to learn from here, you will have the opportunity to receive live professional exposure to studio work that no other institute in the city can provide.

Imagine being able to see the work of a professional studio while still in school. And don’t forget that the brightest pupils get hired once they complete their studies.

Top Notch Faculty

Hi-Tech Animation’s faculty includes working professionals from the film and television industries. They are professionals who have worked in post-production on numerous productions that we have seen on television.

All faculties have extensive training and experience. You will discover that there is a lot of opportunity for folks to explore at this school. Studying at this institution allows students to develop their careers to the fullest extent possible.