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Salaar Trailer VFX Concept Behind The Scenes

The Salaar trailer has finally been released, and from the first look, the movie is set to be a thrilling epic. Filled with heaps of well-formed characters with their unique quirks and smashing action scenes, audiences are already hyped over the release date of this movie.

But did you know that while the movie is already delayed, the producers have further postponed the movie release, apparently due to VFX delivery issues? Yes, that’s right! So, what is the big deal about VFX that, due to a singular aspect, an entire movie release has to be delayed?

Well, today we will take a look at why VFX is so important for a movie like Salaar and the VFX techniques that have been used to build the suspenseful and exciting new trailer of the movie. We will also tell you where you can get the best VFX courses in India if you, too, want to create epic VFX, as used in the movie! So, let’s dive right into it!

What Is VFX and Why Does It Matter?

If you didn’t know already, VFX is short for visual effects and refers to a number of post-production processes that give movies and videos their final look and feel. In short, it is like a makeover for the original video or photos shot so that the outcome feels more dramatic or realistic, whichever the director would like it to be!

Thus, most moviegoers do not even get to know that they are watching an edited video product. That is how good visual effects have gotten in the last decade. Virtually every big budget movie that releases in theaters currently has undergone major or minor VFX editing.

However, at the same time, VFX is also time-consuming, and it takes loads of VFX artists to complete the entire VFX treatment for a full-scale movie. This is why movies like Salaar and RRR get delayed due to the incompletion of the VFX process. Yes, that’s right, even RRR was delayed due to facing similar issues with its VFX team!

Thus, you can imagine that without VFX, the movie would not have the same look and feel. Moreover, VFX is completed shot by shot. Thus, without the entire movie being edited, it is not possible to release even a single shot of the movie. This is how crucial VFX has become to moviemaking and editing.

What Does Salaar Trailer Tell About Its VFX Techniques?

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The trailer shows various VFX techniques being used in the shooting of the magnificent shots that we got to see. Some of them are:

Virtual Production

Many of the shots must have been shot either with a green screen or entirely through digital production. For instance, the city kingdom against which the plot has been designed has been shown in great detail. In many ways, it seems to be inspired by the gritty visuals used in KGF. The bird’s eye view shots of the kingdom have indeed been created digitally, or at the very least, edited. Even the shots of the great walls that surround the city have indeed been rendered using green screen techniques.

Colouring and Lighting

Anyone will notice that the trailer has a colour that is not anything like the normal light and colour that we see. The colour tone has been carefully selected and then changed using VFX colouring techniques. It imparts an otherworldly feel, not futuristic nor historic, but something in between. The trailer gives the feeling that the events are current, which has been made possible due to intelligent VFX lighting.

Timing and Pacing

There has been a lot of editing done in the way of the timing of shots, changing the pace of the video as required. It is quite a common technique used to highlight main characters generally. In the Salaar trailer, the technique has been used to significant effect during the action scenes and to showcase the personality and swagger of Prabhas. It is a clever use of an otherwise everyday VFX technique that students learn during their VFX courses.

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