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VFX of the movie “Kingsman: The Golden Circle”

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Kingsman: The Golden circle was expected a lot more than its first part but definitely disappointed its audience with the clueless plot ad directionless storyline. However, that didn’t give a bad name to the film altogether. Visual effects of Kingsman 2 shouldn’t go unnoticed considering the fact that several scenes were breathtaking with the magic of VFX.

CGI played a very crucial role in the making of this film and the cable car scene is the perfect example for that. Eggsy and Whiskey get into a ski-rotating sequence which is shot with harness and green screens in reality but later on corrected with visual effects in the post-production.

Steven Warner, the VFX supervisor created a fake cable car in the post-production and later manipulated it accordingly. Imageworks VFX has launched a breakdown of the cable car scene creating a whole buzz on the social media. They also created CGI builds of Eggsy and Whiskey as well.

Framestore had a lot to do with the building of this scene. The film is not devoid of action sequels but this scene certainly took everyone by storm. People who have a vague knowledge of visual effects also appreciated this attempt.

Eggsy takes on a whole new adventure in this part and he is met deadly challenges. The director admitted that the film would be literally nothing without the contribution of the VFX artists.

In addition to this, the actors were all covered with green screens and viable harnesses all the time. The film’s story did take quite some turns and the action scenes that we watch were definitely amazing. All the action scenes were completely a work of manipulation and VFX showing its magic.

It also persuaded a sense of interest among people to pursue VFX course. You can also enquire about VFX course in Kolkata. It will help you learn the course and later work on projects like this as well.